Obama's puppet spoke last night

Where in the first Biden address to (a coronavirus-denuded audience of) representatives and senators in joint session did the Edict-Pronouncer mention the Middle East, and within the area, the promise of the Abraham Accords?  He briefly promised "stern deterrence" to keep Iran from gaining a nuclear arsenal, but what does "stern deterrence" mean?  

Biden's remarks were peppered with asides to cause the media's editorialists to swoon with delight.  The January 6 mêlée at the Capitol was called the "worst assault on democracy since the Civil War."  Elsewhere in the text, Biden called it an "insurrection," but that is consistent with Democrat anti-democracy propaganda.

YouTube screen grab.

An insurrection where the one death by gunfire was the pro-Trump Ashli Babbitt, killed by a Capitol cop?  The New York Times strove mightily to make Capitol Hill officer Brian Sicknick the victim of violence at the hands of pro-Trumpers, but now a coroner's report confirms that two strokes caused his passing (but leave it to the Times to continue to insinuate that Office Sicknick would not have died but for Donald Trump).

He expressed support for H.R. 1, the bill to ensure that Democrats can forever manipulate the polls to victory by ignoring the Constitution's directive that states determine election procedures for federal election rules.

To borrow a phrase from Genesis and the story of Isaac and Jacob and Esau, the voice in the April 28 speech may have been the voice of Biden, but the handiwork was that of Barack Obama and his coterie (including Susan Rice).  We have, it is becoming increasingly clear, our first figurehead president, who will be trotted out from time to time to deceive the American people into believing he is chief executive.

But, as with Obama, he is no more supportive of diversity of political thought than the corporate officers who have rushed to transform elections into travesties, where the votes are amassed and counted until the Democrats achieve faux majorities.

Still, his stated remarks are there to be understood for the radical propaganda they represent.  It is Biden's silence on the Middle East, and notably the advance toward peace that the Abraham Accords between Israel and Arab nations including the Gulf States and Sudan, underscore that should be troublesome.  Silence is not necessarily golden, and silence, in this context, could well serve as the cloak on a Biden policy to restore the focus on Israel concessions to an obdurate Palestinian Authority, as this administration caters to Mahmoud Abbas, the P.A.'s forever president.

Recall that Obama was no friend of Israel.  His last act concerning Israel was to enable passage of a Security Council resolution critical of Israel, a resolution the incoming Trump administration tried to prevent.  Trump was sharply attacked by Obama bureaucrats for trying to undo the slap against the Jewish state. 

As vice president to Obama, Joe Biden was Obama's errand boy.  And now the slur hurled against President Trump (in the Putin context) is rather apparent as to Biden: in the White House, he is, in truth, Obama's puppet.

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