Jill Biden 'Hispanders,' and it doesn't go well for her

Now that Joe Biden has incentivized illegal migration into a full-blown border crisis, now's the time for some 'hispandering' coming from the Biden administration. Despite those kids flung by smugglers over the U.S.-Mexico border wall for profit, Joe Biden wants you to know he really likes Latinos.

Which brings us to this, in a speech to members of the United Farm Workers labor union in Delano, California, as reported by the New York Post:

Later, while closing her speech, Biden said enthusiastically, “So say it with me, ‘Sí se pwaud-way,’ the future is ours. Thank you.”

She then waved as she walked away from the microphone, being met with light applause as she and [California's Gov. Gavin] Newsom began to depart the stage.

“Sí se puede,” which roughly translates to “Yes we can,” was popularized by Chávez and his United Farm Workers, which used the phrase as a motto in the 1970s.

Jill Biden, of course, has been billed the smartest woman in America. Back when an old professor at Northwestern University criticized her insistence on calling herself 'doctor' despite the fact that her degree is in education, leftists stepped up with that very point to her defense:

Michelle Obama came to Biden’s defense, calling Jill Biden “brilliant” and “a terrific role model.” Hillary Clinton tweeted out, “Her name is Dr. Jill Biden. Get used to it.”

Jill Biden in response said: ”One of the things I am most proud about is my doctorate. I mean, I really worked so hard for it.”

An educational doctorate, as it happens, is one of the biggest "gut" degrees.  According to Texadmissions:

Some majors will always be less competitive: Liberal Arts, Undergraduate Studies, Social Work, and Education. The latter two because they have the least amount of applicants. All admits to these colleges and schools have lower test scores than the typical admit.

And with all her 'education' and 'credentials,' she can't master three words of Spanish? She couldn't rehearse it? She couldn't fake it? Does she have anyone who's a Spanish-speaking Hispanic around her to go over it with her? It's as if she encountered the words for the first time. Not too in tune with Latino audiences or the Spanish language, is she?

One other thing: It's a bit of a cliche to tick off that 'Hispanic' box by always presenting Latinos as lettuce pickers rather than the broader middle class that many have become. The event was to honor Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers (a man who strongly opposed illegal immigration) so the Hispanic stereotype of farm workers as Mexicans should have been left out.

But this was 'Hispandering.' And apparently, to her, Spanish speakers are an exotic thing, kind of like Joe's Indian-American convenience store owners.

Which doesn't speak well for her or her claimed ties to Hispanic America, or the Biden administration's claims that it knows what's best for them.

Didn't she go on a campaign with Joe in 2020? Might she have met some Hispanic voters there? Didn't they chant 'Sí, se puede' back then? Did she hear the words and how they are pronounced? Did she pay attention?

Here's another thing -- besides not knowing a thing about the Spanish language in a common phrase that most English-speaking Americans know, she's someone who's taught at two community colleges, supposedly her real-world experience. 

How many Hispanic students at Delaware Technical Community College, home of her first community college teaching gig? As of 2019, 14.8% according to college diversity statistics. Apparently not a one made contact with Jill Biden or got across to her a scintilla of Spanish. She must have been ensconced in a white-privilege bubble. 

She also taught community college at Northern Virginia Community College. How many Hispanic kids there who could have familiarized her with a drib or drab of the Spanish language? As of 2017, according to the college, 21.5% of the students were Hispanic. She must have not known (or learned a tad of Spanish) from any of them. Perhaps she was remarkably incurious. 

Because nowadays, most teachers actually do try to learn at least some Spanish, it's a job requirement in most places, it's something anyone would do to response to the students as they are, being taught and serviced. That's because the Hispanic population has grown a lot. It includes significant numbers of youthful adults and very large numbers of children. In California, they are the majority. In Catholic churches, they are pretty much the future.

And here we have old Jill, Mrs. Brilliant, fumbling around like she was first encountering Spanish. It says a lot about how much the Bidens actually know about the people they purport to represent. And for many conservatives, it makes us nostalgic for the days of first lady Melania Trump, who was fluent in five languages, and would not have been caught dead in trying to pull a stunt like Jill did. Either you know a language or you don't, and if you don't, you either get help with pronunciation and meaning, or you don't attempt, and politely make your remarks in the language you do know.

Conservative (and Cuban-American, if you didn't know) producer and director, Robby Starbuck, had a splendid and hilarious response:



Image: Screen shot from video by 23 ABC News / KERO, via shareable YouTube.

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