Pete Buttigieg's little bicycle theater is ridiculous

Little Petey Buttigieg is now playing in the big leagues, having made the tremendous leap from ineffectual mayor of a crime-ridden city to transportation secretary of the United States of America.  To make a point about alternative transportation, he rode a bicycle to his first White House Cabinet meeting — after first having several burly men drive him near the White House and then escort him and his bike.  This kind of theater is typical for leftists, who often seem incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Last week, Little Petey (who always reminds me of a cross between Alfred "What, Me Worry?" Newman and Beaver Cleaver) let Americans know that being transportation secretary is more than focusing on roads and cars.  Therefore, he tweeted out, "You should not have to own a car to prosper in this country, no matter what kind of community you're living in."

On Thursday, he decided to use his first White House Cabinet meeting to make that point.  He wasn't going to drive to the White House.  He was going to bike there.  Except that was ridiculous because D.C. is a big, busy city, and biking is a slow and vulnerable process.

What Little Petey actually did was to take a large SUV to some point near the White House.  He then strapped on his cute helmet, had his three burly companions get his bike out of the car and engaged in the theater of riding a bike to the White House, with a security guard biking at his side and the same SUV traveling behind him to keep him safe from errant vehicles:

Those burly men are, frankly, a bit mystifying.  Usually, Cabinet secretaries don't get security details.  Perhaps Democrats, despite the presence of thousands of troops in D.C., are still scared.  Kind of pathetic, really...

It occurred to me watching the video that Democrats are always given to theater.  Part of it is because they understand well the power of visual images.  Humans are programmed to pick up on, respond to, and try to interpret images.  Truly, for most people, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Lefties are good at that, which helps explain their dominance in the world of movies, television, and videos.

That same reliance on visuals, however, also speaks to the fact that leftists often cannot distinguish fantasy from reality.  I'm willing to bet that Little Petey really is proud of himself for having biked to work on Thursday.

Here's another example: leftists think that a man who slices and dices himself, along with taking unhealthy dollops of hormones, and ends up looking like a weird simulacrum of a woman is in fact a woman.  Ditto a woman who does the slice and dice and hormones, and claims to be a man.  He's still a he, and she's still a she, but damn it!  They look like the opposite sex, so it must still be real.

The list of visuals goes on: kids in cages!  Rachel Dolezal!  Pink pussy hats!  Hands up, don't shoot!  Greta Thunberg's perpetually scowling visage.  Meghan Markle's martyred Madonna face as she sits in her multi-million-dollar mansion next to a prince and opposite a billionaire.  Waterboarding theater on the streets during the Bush era.  Biden's and Harris's omnipresent masks even though both have been vaccinated, as is true for everyone around them.

Democrats live in a make-believe world, a permanent Potemkin village in which they create their own reality.  The problem is that they're working hard to impose their fantasies on the rest of the world.  That's like trying to cram matter and anti-matter into the same space, and we all know what happens when you do that.

Image: Mayor Pete on a bike.  Twitter screen grab.

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