House Dems unanimously back Maxine Waters, blocking censure resolution

Republican prospects to take majority control of the House of Representatives in 2022 just got a big boost, as Democrats united to prevent passage of a censure resolution for Maxine Waters over her threats of violence if George Floyd were not found guilty (even of first-degree murder, for which he was not charged).

House Democrats defeated an effort by Republicans on Tuesday to censure Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) over her remarks related to the high-profile trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd.

In a party-line vote held shortly before Mr. Chauvin was convicted of murder, the House voted 216-210 to table a vote on a resolution censuring Ms. Waters.

The dispute centers on comments Ms. Waters made over the weekend at a protest in the Minneapolis area. Ms. Waters said she would urge a more confrontational approach over the U.S. legal system's treatment of Black people if the jury didn't return a guilty verdict.

It's official: the Democrats are the party of Waters.  She and her incendiary, confrontational rhetoric are the face of the House majority.  Or, as Steve Scalise put it:

"Every single House Democrat just voted to stand with Maxine Waters," Mr. Scalise tweeted. "They made it clear: Democrats are fine with Democrat politicians inciting violence and chaos."

Scalise no doubt will be available to film campaign commercials for GOP candidates running against Democrat incumbents in districts that are not safe seats for Democrats.  He can describe how he was shot and almost killed by a leftist — James Hodgkinson — enflamed by violent political rhetoric, and how Democrat Incumbent  X voted down censure of Maxine Waters after she threatened violence and intimidated the Chauvin jury.  He's already made the connection:

Let's be clear: Maxine Waters knew her rhetoric would incite violence in Minneapolis — but she doesn't care, she just requests police escorts for herself. I was shot because of this kind of dangerous rhetoric. Where is the outrage from Dems & the media? They need to condemn this.

If the Chauvin convictions are reversed, at least part because of Waters's loud-mouthing, as Alan Dershowitz says they should be, and the predictable violence erupts, the issue will be even hotter in November 2022.

Keep in mind that so far, nine House Democrats have returned contributions from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over fears of being identified with her.  A public vote to support Maxine Waters is, if anything, even more toxic to swing district Dems than money from AOC.

The Democrats are now being held hostage by the radical left, both its racialist and socialist wings, who will turn on any of them who publicly deviates from its radical prescriptions.  Even the insecure swing district Dems shoved aside the censure resolution.  They knew that if they voted against Waters, and if three of them supported the resolution moving forward, they would have had demonstrations and accusations of racism hurled at them.

Image: Maxine Waters calls for violence.  Twitter screen grab.

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