The trial of Derek Chauvin has unleashed the dogs of thuggery and revolution

The trial of Derek Chauvin maybe over, but the repercussions have just begun.  Whether Chauvin was guilty of murder or manslaughter or innocent can be debated endlessly; however, based on the testimony of all the witnesses, the conviction of murder seemed a bridge too far.  But more importantly, the trial and the unfair manner in which it was adjudicated combined with the unabashed and overt threats of violence and the sycophancy of Joe Biden and the Democrats have permanently emboldened the radical left (or Marxists) and unleashed the dogs of unending thuggery and potential revolution.

The primary lesson the militant left will take away from the Chauvin trial is not that he was found guilty but that its tactics work.  Leftists' willingness to use violence, looting, intimidation, and threats has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams as they watched a judge and jury succumb to their threats and history of belligerence.  Further, the elected members of the Democrat party as well as the Democrat media and the bulk of the ruling elites refused to criticize their tactics and in fact defended them and regurgitated their talking points as if they were trained seals. 

In Joe Biden's pathetic speech after the verdict, wherein he reiterated two of the left's favorite talking points, he said this nation is still in the throes of "systemic racism" and that policing needs to be revamped.  This was, to use a favorite expression of the left, a dog whistle to the militants that they are feared and de facto in charge.  Then Nancy Pelosi's inane speech thanking George Floyd for dying further amplified this message and confirmed that Democrat party leadership was not only inept, but vacuous.

The militant left now knows that it controls the Democrat party and believes that there is no one in the party or among the ruling elites that will stand up to its demands.  The federal and state judiciaries, which were to be the bulwark against radicalism and tyranny, have, thus far, succumbed to their intimidation tactics.  The Republican Party hierarchy, still in the throes of its hangover from the days of Romney, Bush, and McCain, remains mute and stupefied on the sidelines.  Donald Trump, the only politician willing to take on the left and whom the left feared, has been put on ice.  The road to political supremacy appears to be wide open.

This potentially catastrophic situation has come about as the upper-class dupes, in their overwrought effort to oust supervillain Donald Trump, willingly allied themselves with these Marxists, whose sole reason for being is to radically transform the nation.  Thanks to their inability to think independently and their acceptance of so many ludicrous concepts over the years, the elites gullibly believed that once Trump was removed from office, America would return to their version of normal, with Joe Biden occupying the Oval Office.  They were certain, thanks to their inbred naïveté and egocentricity, that through their extraordinary powers of persuasion they could placate and compromise with their newly minted bedfellows and still maintain power.

But that is not going to happen, as the violent tactics of the left's militant brigades, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have been legitimized by these same elite dupes who tacitly gave their imprimatur to the violence and thuggery of these militants during the summer of 2020.  These dyed-in-the-wool Marxists now smell blood in the water and thus will never agree to any form of the liberalism that much of the ruling elites claim to espouse.  These same militant radicals also believe that they were, in great part, responsible for the ousting of Donald Trump through their militancy during the summer of 2020 and involvement in election fraud.  When the successful prosecution of Derek Chauvin is added to that accomplishment, they are now feeling invincible despite their small number.

These Marxists cannot and will not acquiesce to any attempt at appeasement or compromise.  They now know that the mere threat of violence will accomplish their goal — and if not, then they are fully prepared to instigate a sequel to the summer of 2020.  They are mimicking the same tactics used by the Nazis in the 1920s and early '30s in their rise to power in dealing with an inept and cowardly ruling elite class in Germany.

Unless these forces of sedition and revolution are roundly defeated by an aroused and awakened citizenry who cannot rely on politicians or any others in the ruling class, then this nation will descend into chaos.  At that stage, the only recourse will be dissolving the union and splitting into three or four independent countries.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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