Caitlyn Jenner to run for governor of California

You heard right.  Caitlyn Jenner — Bruce Jenner of Olympic fame — has filed papers to run for governor of California

The transgender Jenner presents himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative woman.  Jenner is a lifelong Republican and a member of Log Cabin Republicans, which is an organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives.

Jenner was a supporter of Donald Trump until the president committed the unpardonable sin in 2018 of rolling back Obama-era guidelines allowing students to use bathrooms designated for the opposite sex.  Irrespective of this falling out, Jenner's team includes many people formally associated with Trump. 

Jenner aims to become California's governor via the expected Newsom recall election.  Jenner's ace in the hole is his high name recognition due to 1) his "transition" and 2) being a reality TV star.  Interestingly, Jenner's run is eerily reminiscence of that of the Terminator's.  As RedState puts it:

The 2003 Recall of Gray Davis gave us film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose eight years in office tanked the Republican Party and help to usher in the progressive stronghold that exists today.

Can the transgender Jenner possibly win?  It's certainly possible.  After all, California is not called La-La Land for nothing.  And the sad part is that Jenner would probably a better governor than Gary Newsom.

Image: Sportsfile

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