Biden adds stupidity to his lies about Georgia's voting laws

If Biden were merely senile, I'd fear for America but perhaps summon up some sympathy for him.  But he's not merely senile.  He's a vicious, creepy, stupid man, and his nonstop attacks on Georgia are Exhibit A in the case against him.  In his latest pronouncements, not only did Biden continue to lie about the Georgia law, but he implied that the Masters Tournament should move from Augusta, Georgia, where it's been held since 1934, as if golf courses were fungible, not unique.

As you all know by now, the Georgia Legislature looked at the inefficiencies of its elections and decided that the state could do better.  Therefore, it passed a bill expanding voting hours, increasing the number of pre-election days on which people can vote, and creating more drop box locations.  It also did away with signature analysis as a means for verifying absentee ballot requests, a method that can be arbitrary and capricious, and, instead, asked for requesters to submit some common form of identification.

It was this last request that drove leftists insane.  If voters have to submit identification, that lessens the opportunities for election fraud.  Clearly, the ability to commit fraud is an important part of the Democrat strategy for winning elections.

Starting with Joe Biden's first, and only, press conference on March 25, Democrats have hammered relentlessly at the law.  Joe is especially invested in the narrative, which he clearly understands.  (That is, he's obviously not so demented that he has no idea what his words mean.)  To Joe, the law is so evil that it's not even "Jim Crow."  It's Jim Crow's big brother, "Jim Eagle."

Jim Crow was about demanding that black people take complicated tests that were impossible to pass as a prerequisite to voting.  Jim Crow was also about lynchings, cross-burnings, sitting in the back of the bus, separate entrances and drinking fountains, redlining loans, restrictive housing practices, and all the other indignities American Blacks suffered in Democrat-controlled regions for 100 years.

Jim Eagle is worse, though, much worse.  Forget about lynchings.  Those are small potatoes.  Under Jim Eagle, partisan people or agencies cannot hand out food or drink to people in line to vote.  Also, under Jim Eagle, as noted, people must have identification to get absentee ballots (just as they do if they vote in person).

If you step back from the hysteria and look at what Democrats are actually saying, it's this: Blacks are too stupid to get an ID.

Thanks to Democrat hysteria, Atlanta-based corporations are now attacking the act, too.  To do so, Delta Air Lines ignored that it requires ID for people to buy tickets and board planes, and Coca-Cola conveniently forgot its friendly relations with Nazis (for which it never apologized).

The most hypocritical is Major League Baseball, which pulled its All-Star Game from Atlanta, even as it remained unconcerned that it requires ID to pick up tickets at will-call.  MLB also moved the game to Denver, a lily-white city in a state with even more restrictive voting laws — except that Colorado automatically mails those easy-to-defraud absentee ballots to every registered voter.

But back to Biden, stupid, vicious Biden.  He spoke briefly to the press, one of whose members asked him if the Masters Tournament, golf's most prestigious competition, should leave Georgia.  Biden pressured the Masters to do so by again reciting his Big Lie:

The thing is that golf courses, unlike baseball fields, are not fungible.  For 87 years, the Masters has taken place at a single iconic location: the Augusta National Golf Club.  Bobby Jones, one of the greatest golfers ever, was a club co-founder, and he helped design the course.  He also started the Masters Tournament.  To hold the tournament anywhere else means that it's not the Masters.  It's just another golf competition.

So far, the people in charge of the tournament are holding firm.  Let's hope they continue to do so.  Any other stance would destroy the tournament and allow the Democrats to get away with the Big Lie — that is, a lie they tell so often and with such fervor that credulous people begin to believe it's true.

Image: Biden's Big Lie about Georgia.  Twitter screen grab.

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