What Nicolas Sarkozy's conviction means for us

A Paris court just found former French president Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of corruption and sentenced him to three years in prison, two of which have been suspended.  The presiding judge said Sarkozy, who served from 2007 to 2012, used his position to peddle influence and violate state secrecy for political gain.  Interestingly, the key evidence against the former president dates back to tapped telephone calls in 2014.

I am in no position to say whether this is an example of the rule of law being applied to the high and mighty or instead a selective prosecution and some form of political payback.  I will note that Sarkozy is still influential among French conservatives and that his conviction hurts them.  Also, he's been out of office for eight years. 

My point in bringing this French matter up is not Sarkozy's conviction per se, but what it might portend for the U.S.  The hive's vendetta against Donald Trump has been far from satisfied with the installment of Joe Biden as president.  Trump is still extremely popular with the Republican base.  And as his CPAC speech shows, the Orange Man is not going anywhere.  Instead, Trump casts his shadow over the political dialogue in the country as no one else can.  As such, he is a continuing threat to the globalists and the Deep State. 

The groups that make up the hive fear and hate Trump with equal intensity.  With Sarkozy's conviction, they are dreaming of what might be possible in the U.S.  They will reason among themselves that precedent has been broken in an advanced Western country with the conviction and sentencing of a former head of state.  What better way to take Trump off the board than to do something similar here?  And to repeat, Sarkozy has been out of office for over eight years, and the main evidence against him goes back to 2014.  Yet still they went after him.

The Democrats and their lapdog media have demonstrated more times than one can count that they'll freely use lies, fabrications, and distortions to advance their agenda.  After what we have seen in the past five years, only someone willfully blind can trust public officials like prosecutors, judges, and those in the Department of Justice and FBI to be faithful to their oaths of office.  For many of these officials, loyalty to the Constitution and the rule of law have been replaced by a commitment to their hoped-for Great Reset. 

Expect the collective left to act like Captain Ahab, obsessed in harpooning their Moby-Dick — AKA citizen Donald Trump.  They will use any means at their disposal.  Since the virtues like temperance and prudence are foreign to the left, they are sure to overreach.  Accordingly, things could turn out as they did in Herman Melville's novel.  In those pages, the great white whale has other ideas.  He turns the table, wreaks havoc on the Pequod, and swims away with some scars but having destroyed his tormenters. 

Image: Virginia Manso.