Will the states save us from a corrupted GOP?

President Trump said, at CPAC, that he does not support the idea of leaving the Republican Party to form another one.  I understand his reasoning, but I am very skeptical that we can work within the party to successfully reform it.  I will leave one caveat: the states may be able to do it.  Here is my reasoning.  

The Republican senators had their Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill) moments.  They had many opportunities to save the nation.  Save for but a few, they ran away every time.  From November 4 until January 6, the GOP senators could have, at any moment, demanded that the allegations of voter fraud be given a full, fair, and public hearing.  They had the muscle, but not the will.  They sniveled.  They abandoned the nation to the most devastating crime in our history — not only to the fraud itself, but to the predictable and devastating consequences of installing a Biden administration.  They all but invited the barbarians in, and now we will suffer the results.  

There remain a few heroic figures, some in the Senate, many in the House, but they are too few at the moment to stop the final destruction of our nation.  They will remain too few unless improbable remedies are achieved.  If they are not, then the 2022 elections will be every bit as vulnerable, indeed more so, to the same exact techniques that stole our votes in the first place.  To hear RINO senators now boast of what they are going to do in 2022 is to hear them say, "Yeah, those thieves are lucky I didn't step in when I could have — but next time, oh yeah, just wait until next time.  I'll show them.  They'll be sorry next time."  

The sad fact is, too many in the GOP are comfortably ensconced in the swamp of national politics.  They will resist any attempt to shake up the system in which they got elected, and in which they are making their personal fortunes.  They have demonstrated for all to see, that they are perfectly willing to see the "forgotten men and women" who elected Trump — twice — forgotten again.  Those RINO politicians expect a return to the heady days when they could promise everything and deliver nothing, and still get voted into office by a desperate public that saw no better alternative.  

We now have better alternatives — two of them.  

One of them is the much-vilified option of creating a Trump faction, and removing the RINOs.  Oh, no, some say — that would give the election to the Democrats.  To this we must respond, you RINOs are the ones who already gave it away, along with our republic.  

The second option is to strengthen those state governments, which did hold hearings, hearings that plainly showed proof that the left stole the election.  

This second option can massively empower the state governments to take back their constitutional powers — indeed, responsibility — and select their own electors honestly and fairly.  Those states can begin by imposing draconian penalties (at least they will be called that) for anyone who defrauds the election system.  Even "a little cheating" must not be tolerated, as President Trump's lawyer Michael T. van der Veen so eloquently stated to a biased CNN reporter.   Anyone contemplating such fraud, even just a little bit, should immediately break out in a cold sweat at the thought of the decades in state prison that await him.

No doubt the Supreme Court will intervene to declare any meaningful prevention of election fraud to be unconstitutional.  It is here where the states, if at least six or seven of them act in concert, can overwhelm the swamp.  Some states are already doing this, for example, by setting up Second Amendment sanctuaries, in which law enforcement will refuse to illegally confiscate legally owned weapons.  A further needed measure is to return the structures of voting to what they were before leftist officials illegally changed the laws — in other words, violated the laws — to ensure the appearance of a Biden win in their states.  Trump mentioned this in his CPAC address.  

The Supreme Court must be put on notice, as it was when Joe Biden stood on their steps and openly threatened one of them to vote his way, or else.  President Andrew Jackson said it best when he defiantly told the court, you have made your ruling; now enforce it.  

Such bold and aggressive measures from our side will be a prelude to the much-needed Constitutional Convention of the States.  There is no reason to fear that.  Indeed, there is less reason than ever to fear it.  The left has already, in effect, rewritten the Constitution to oppose the will of its Founders.  The states can be fully trusted to be responsible to the will of their voters.  Even in the worst case, they could not do worse than the present leftist system.  

Our nation has withstood a Revolutionary War and a Civil War.  We can withstand the clear and present danger that has now sunk its teeth into the lifeblood of our country.  

If we have the will, if we stand our ground on the modern-day Bunker Hill, we will preserve the Republic.

Image via Pexels.

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