Things that don't make sense, except to Democrats

There's sense, there's nonsense, and then there's Democrats.

They are pulling a host of things that make absolutely no sense to normal people.

Let's start with the vaunted stimulus package, which includes a paltry $1,400 tax credit for those with moderate incomes.  Here's the real payout:

Stimulus Package Includes $86 Billion Bailout for Union Pensions

This bill was mostly kickbacks to special interest groups, yet most of the media cheered it on and buried the lard.  Then they took polls of people who had no idea what was in the bill because they buried the truth and indoctrinated the public to later claim that a large majority supported the bill. 

I am sure that states will use some of their large kickbacks to bail out their badly run pension systems also. 

Why did states like California get a bailout, since they have collected more because of massive capital gains taxes?

Why is there any money in the bill for future years?  Because they knew that it was easier to hide this largesse of garbage in this bill than in regular budget bills. 

One last question: Why would a pension bailout be in the COVID slush fund bill when the stock market has done very well?

Yet as Billy Dale says: "But wait, there's more."  The Democrats' media allies have kept the home fires burning for the Democrat agenda on the coronavirus.

Here's example one from Missouri: according to the New York Times, Missouri has had an average of 467 cases per day the last week, a decrease of 31% for the week but they report 50,328 cases for yesterday with two deaths.  Here's their news item whose link includes a chart:

Missouri Coronavirus Map and Case Count

At least 2 new coronavirus deaths and 50,328 new cases were reported in Missouri on March 8. Over the past week, there has been an average of 467 cases per day, a decrease of 31 percent from the average two weeks earlier.

This extra 50,000 clearly skews this chart by 50,000, so cases are actually under 50,000, which is a significant improvement.  (Editor's note: The Times graph appears to have been updated in the last three hours, without notation.)

The reason for these errors seems to be to always to perpetuate the crisis.

Here's more lap-dogging for Democrats, this time from Bloomberg News:

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Post Slowest Spread Since Pandemic Began

(Bloomberg) — With the U.S. vaccination effort picking up speed, new coronavirus cases in the U.S. rose 1.5% in the week ended Sunday, the slowest increase since the pandemic began almost a year ago.

The U.S. reported 420,285 infections for the week, after recording 471,198 cases in the prior seven days, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg. The percentage gain was the smallest since Bloomberg began tracking cases in January 2020.

This article says cases in the U.S rose 1.5% in the week ending Sunday followed by a paragraph that shows that cases were down 52,000 for the week, which is  an actual decline of 11% for the week, not an increase of 1.5%.

Now that cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are declining rapidly, we see fewer stories.  They have to get the $1.9-trillion leftist slush fund passed before the public is allowed to learn the truth.

I also am seeing frequent reporting complaining that not as many people are getting tested.  The media, bureaucrats, and other Democrats should be cheering that fewer people are scared and fewer people feel the need to get tested, but they are complaining.  The cheers should be loud because even with fewer people testing, the positivity rate has dropped rapidly.

It's as if the media and other Democrats would rather keep destroying the economy and children instead of getting schools and businesses open.

The cheerleading and campaigning for Democrats is what reporters do.  How is that valuable to the American people?

A week ago, the CDC lady, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, said cases had stopped dropping at 70,000 per day, so why doesn't she update the number? 

Maybe the media should point out that in 2019–2020, the seasonal flu averaged over 200,000 per day, and we had no panic or destruction of the economy.

It's all part of the same show: create nonsense, create chaos, and do all that's possible to advance the agenda and permanent power of the Democrats.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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