Times of testing for the 'Fear God' crowd

As I mentally walk among the ruins of post-2020 America and try to account for the downfall of our republic, it seems to me that what's left of America falls into two groups: the Fear God group and the No Fear group.  The No Fear group is currently in charge, and the Fear God group is in the wilderness, wondering what if anything we can do to return America to a law-abiding democracy.

In the Fear God group, we believe that God created everything.  We believe that God is good and that good will ultimately triumph over evil.  The events of 2020 have sorely tested our faith.  We know we are sinners, and that Jesus will judge all of us at the end of time.  Like the No Fear group, we too are tempted to sin and break laws all the time, but the fact that we fear Jesus and know He can see everything we do and that we cannot hide our actions from Him urges us to keep His laws.  The better part of our nature also wants to keep His laws because we want to please Him and do the right thing.

In the No Fear group, either there is no God or there are man-made gods who tolerate everything they do.  The No Fear group have abolished judgment from this age, and they have abolished the Final Judgment from their thinking.  Since they have No Fear, they in god-like fashion can redefine life, morality, sexuality.  In short, nothing is sacred to the No Fear crowd.  The No Fear group believe they are smarter than the Fear God group.  They believe they should lead our culture, and they believe we should shut up and fall in line behind them.

Many in the No Fear group are elected officials and appointed judges who have sworn an oath to protect and defend our Constitution and our laws.  In the Fear God group, we watch them ignore immigration laws and voting laws.  We watched as Senator Kennedy colluded with the Soviets to undermine President Reagan.  We watched as President Clinton sold the Chinese missile guidance technology in return for contributions to his campaign funds.  We watched as Secretary Clinton sold access to her office in return for contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  We watched as the Supreme Court refused to hear a 17-state appeal to examine the validity of the 2020 election.  Are these sworn politicians and judges breaking their oath, or do they have a radically different definition of their oath?

As we watch what we consider oath-breaking and what some of us consider acts of treason, we look to our FBI and the Department of Justice for action.  We see these "protectors of justice" wink at Democrats and ruin Republicans.  Where shall we look for justice?

Image: Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel.

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