A perfect storm at the border

Who remembers the Democratic then–candidate for president, Gov. Bill Clinton, and his adventures with Haiti in 1992?

Clinton criticized President Bush Sr.'s policy in Haiti, and then Haitians got on boats after the elections, heading for the States.

Here is a sample reaction from Haiti: "As far as I am concerned, after the good Lord comes Bill Clinton, and as soon as Bill Clinton is sworn in, you'll see me go."

Eventually, the new administration had to push back and tell Haitians not to come.

Sound familiar?  Isn't the Biden administration telling the Central American caravans full of illegal migrants and junk asylum cases not to come now? 

Unfortunately, they are coming for two reasons:

First, candidate Biden was very vague during the campaign.  All he said was that his administration was going to be more humane.  The media were too obsessed with President Trump to seek clarifications.

Second, the people in Mexico, Central America, and perhaps more places understood that the vague message was like a welcome sign.

The U.S.-Mexico border was one of President Trump's success stories.  It worked because of the "Remain in Mexico" policy.  It forced people to wait in Mexico, so only those with legitimate asylum cases usually came.  The rest didn't come after that.  They had no interest in waiting in Mexico, and frankly, the Mexicans didn't want them, either.

Everything happening on the U.S.-Mexico border was totally predictable.  It's terrible that the media did not push candidate Biden for more information.  We are watching the results of that media malpractice.

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Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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