Pity poor Joe? No.

President Biden fell three times while climbing the steps to Air Force One.  What's most noteworthy about this is that he had a firm grip on the handrail throughout.  This should have kept him largely upright despite catching toes on the steps or misjudging their height or being knocked over by a breeze.  There's something really wrong where his internal gyroscope resides.

And not just physically.  His interpersonal relationships seem to be suffering.  Joe has a huge team of folks he relies on to prop him up as he stumbles, bumbles, and mumbles through the public aspects of his presidency.  Surprisingly, several have been purged now due to the already known and vetted factor of prior self-impairment through drug use.  Too bad V.P. Harris wasn't one of them.  This president is already reaching new heights of promise-breaking and hypocrisy.

We've just witnessed a notably cringe-worthy week from Biden and his administration — signing the $1.9-trillion boondoggle bill, then being sued by the State of Ohio; talking smack about Russian President Putin, who then pulled his ambassador back home; being baited by Putin and made to look like a fool when he refused to have a conversation with him; declaring in the face of all opposing evidence that there is no crisis at our southern border; and being threatened by North Korea on Monday only by Thursday to announce that we would be ready to fight them that evening.  I hesitate to call it a catastrophe, as most likely the worst is not yet upon us.

Coming off the previous week, when he forgot who the secretary of defense was and where he worked, this past week, Biden forgot who is the president of these United States, naming Kamala Harris in that position.

For months now, I've been listening to conservative commentators decrying elder abuse and asking, "Why are they doing this to poor old Joe?"  Forcing him to run when he's clearly unable, with Dr. Biden right next to him acting as though all is well, or at least normal.  And then to serve in a position he simply hasn't the capacity to comprehend, with both Jill and Kamala hovering every moment.  It takes Biden a week to carry out a schedule that President Trump could have completed in one day and still been home for supper.

Although a plagiarist, mean-spirited, and not a great student, candidate Joe Biden was not ignorant.  He would have been smart enough to perceive when his mental acuity began to fade and his memory capacity diminished.  We who are aging are all aware that certain dementias can be slowed significantly in their progress if attacked soon enough.  A simple web search reveals that 44% of Americans between the ages of 75 and 84 have some form of dementia.  Biden's family doctor, or even the White House physician, would have advised that changes in routine and environment, as well as increased stress, can make dementia symptoms worse.

Why did he do it?  Well, I have a theory: promises made but not yet kept.

V.P. Joe was in and out of China.  As we know, he took Hunter with him, and they came back $1.5 billion richer.  The quid pro quo?  He made promises but didn't have enough time left to keep them all.  China trusted Joe, but 2016 was not Joe's turn; it was Hers.  China trusted Hillary.  Hillary let them down by not winning, and Trump's victory slowed the implementation of China's program for unquestioned regional dominance.

So, it was up to Joe — to run, to win, to serve, and to keep promises made to the Middle Kingdom that would probably terrify us if we knew.  And run he did, and win, for all intents and purposes, however fraught with deceit, he did.  Now he must serve.

What would those promises have been?  O'Biden was famous for standing America down.  Together their administration stood us down and funded Iranian expansionism and proxy terrorism.  Stood us down in confronting nuclear threats and ISIS.  Stood us down while Russia resurrected its imperialist designs starting with Crimea and Ukraine.

China's increasing military aggressiveness these past couple of years was at war with its need to concede to Trump to keep commerce flowing.  Then the WuFlu threw a monkey wrench into their plans.  Lately, they've been all over the map behaving badly.

What "standing down" would Joe have promised the Chinese?  Tibet, Kashmir (the gateway to vast under-utilized Afghan agricultural land), Hong Kong, Taiwan, the South China Sea lanes, strengthening both Iran and Venezuela who look to destabilize the United States in any way possible, continued cyber-attacks, the Uighurs, a still partially slave-based economy?  What other horrors was Biden prepared to look away from in exchange for Hunter's position, power, and wealth, as well as Joe's own?

It's proper to feel sympathy for those among us who suffer from dementia and their families.  Some are my friends.  But I don't feel sorry for Joe Biden.  He chose this path.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.

Image: Joe Biden.  Rumble screen grab, edited by Andrea Widburg.

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