Obama taking his third term at the Biden White House?

Is former president Obama giving orders to doddering Joe Biden about how to run America over the phone?

Sure sounds like it, if the word of Jen Psaki is to be believed.  Yes, I know that sounds funny.  But according to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden and his policy teams have been in "regular touch" with President Barack Obama on "a range of issues," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday.

A reporter questioned Psaki on if and how frequently Biden has consulted with Obama since gaining office. Psaki said Biden and Obama are close friends and have spoken over the phone several times. She also said Biden expects to continue consulting with Obama on healthcare issues as he works to improve upon the Affordable Care Act.

"I expect given former President Obama's work on the Affordable Care Act and President Biden's commitment to expanding access to healthcare throughout his presidency that, yeah it's an issue they'll talk about," Psaki said.

The reporter then asks how many times Biden and Obama have spoken since January 20.

"I don't have an exact number for you," Psaki responded. "They keep in regular touch and our teams are in regular touch about a range of issues."

Let's parse this a little, first for the bee ess. 

Psaki said they talked a lot and that it was "a number of issues."  Then she said they talked about Obamacare, which is hardly a number of issues; it's just one — one that has Obama's name in it — so it doesn't seem controversial.

What's more, Obamacare hasn't been in the news, and no action to cut its costs has been bruited by leftists.  Leftists, and certainly Obama, don't care about the cost.  If anything, they like the idea of raising the costs, the better to tax all those Trump voters who have no choice but to buy it.  In their minds, not even Trump could get rid of it, so they're home free.  They're more likely to talk about how to make it more horrible since there's no threat to the basic structure, and certainly none now.  Heard anything about Obamacare lately?

Somehow, it doesn't seem as though that's what Obama and Biden would have talked about.  More likely, they talked about what's in the news and what might threaten Democrat power: the human-wave border crisis, the failed summit with red China, the ways to misuse troops to intimidate Republicans, the ways to hunt their political enemies down.  They probably discussed a cooked up narrative about anti-Asian racism that casts all blame on President Trump.  They likely decided how to bail out blue-city governments and fill their bloated pension plans through stimulus so that those critical political allies at election time counting can keep expanding as usual.  Those are the topics that sound like Obama playing consigliere to Biden.  Obamacare is a non-issue.

And who says it was all over the phone?  It's worth noting that the Biden White House has refused to release its White House logs of virtual meetings and meetings off the White House grounds where Biden and his aides travel, according to Politico.  They're hiding something, and it might be Obama.

All signs point to Biden's ineptness for the presidency.  He's senile.  He's doddering.  He's enfeebled.  And he's making a lot of mistakes.  That he doesn't seem to be in charge at all seems to be a given.  Rep. Ronny Jackson, former physician to several presidents, said "something's not right" with Biden's health.  Andrew Malcolm, now writing at RedState, amassed a first-rate pile of evidence of Joe's insentience, which includes a lot of incidents that didn't make much news.

Biden, in fact, is so out of it that I found reason to compare him to former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev — and after me, others did, too.  But Brezhnev was different in that he held a lot of power for many, many years.  He was sort of doddering in his late years, but he didn't arrive senile.  The Soviet character most comparable to Joe is the transitory Konstantin Chernenko, who doddered through his Soviet presidency and was promptly replaced after about a year.

Here's what the Soviets went through in the mid-1980s with Chernenko, according to Wikipedia:

Historian John Lewis Gaddis describes him as "an enfeebled geriatric so zombie-like as to be beyond assessing intelligence reports, alarming or not" when he succeeded Andropov in 1984.

In early 1984, Chernenko was hospitalised for over a month but kept working by sending the Politburo notes and letters. During the summer, his doctors sent him to Kislovodsk for the mineral spas, but on the day of his arrival at the resort Chernenko's health deteriorated, and he contracted pneumonia. Chernenko did not return to the Kremlin until later in 1984. He awarded Orders to cosmonauts and writers in his office, but was unable to walk through the corridors of his office and was driven in a wheelchair.

By the end of 1984, Chernenko could hardly leave the Central Clinical Hospital, a heavily guarded facility in west Moscow, and the Politburo was affixing a facsimile of his signature to all letters, as Chernenko had done with Andropov's when he was dying. Chernenko's illness was first acknowledged publicly on 22 February 1985 during a televised election rally in Kuibyshev Borough of northeast Moscow, where the General Secretary stood as candidate for the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR, when Politburo member Viktor Grishin revealed that the General Secretary was absent in accordance with doctors' advice. Two days later, in a televised scene that shocked the nation, Grishin dragged the terminally ill Chernenko from his hospital bed to a ballot box to vote. On 28 February 1985, Chernenko appeared once more on television to receive parliamentary credentials and read out a brief statement on his electoral victory: "the election campaign is over and now it is time to carry out the tasks set for us by the voters and the Communists who have spoken out".

Emphysema and the associated lung and heart damage worsened significantly for Chernenko in the last three weeks of February 1985. According to the Chief Kremlin doctor, Yevgeny I. Chazov, Chernenko had also developed both chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. On 10 March at 15:00, Chernenko fell into a coma and died later that evening at 19:20. He was 73 years old. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a combination of chronic emphysema, an enlarged and damaged heart, congestive heart failure and liver cirrhosis.

The whole Joe senile-a-thon has given way to speculation about puppetmasters, same as happened in the enfeebled Soviet power void desperate to cling to power.

In Joe's case, who are they?  Maybe hedge fund guys, or Jill Biden playing Edith Wilson, or the California political machine of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and that bunch, or moneybags like George Soros.  But Obama is particularly salient in the mix, given his greed for power, desire to defend his sorry legacy, and actual experience in the job.  If anyone is telling Joe what to do, it's probably Obama, who, unlike Joe, still has popularity and charisma.

Does this amount to a third term for Obama?  It definitely looks like it.  And that's creepy, given that not only was Joe Biden not elected freely and fairly, given his fraudulent election, but neither was Obama.  Bad as Joe is, he got some votes, though, and Obama got none.  Obama's not allowed a third term, but we can recall how much he talked about one.  Here's another thing: he doesn't even like Joe.  His contempt for the dotard is legendary.

It appears that despite all these factors, Obama seems to be taking charge.  Joe's out of commission, and this is sorry stuff.  Just don't call it "democracy."

Image credit: Ari Levinson via WikipediaCC BY-SA 3.0.  Image filtered with Graphite by BeCasso.

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