Facts begin to overwhelm the narrative that anti-Asian violence is due to white supremacy

The shooting of six Asian massage parlor workers and three Caucasians in Georgia has prompted a massively dishonest media campaign to blame "white supremacy" for violence against Asian-Americans.  Andrew Sullivan documented the fraud well in this justly renowned essay on Substack, titled "When the narrative replaces the news."

But the truth, as Shakespeare put it, "will out," especially when the victims of the wave of violence speak up, or when surveillance video of the attacks makes it to the internet.  Melissa Chen has had it with the phoniness and writes in Spectator USA (picked up by the New York Post):

[T]he cognoscenti can only think one way, so it ascribed blame on Trump's rhetoric surrounding the 'China virus' and the eternal boogeyman of white supremacy. Vox showcased impressive mental gymnastics to explain that it was white supremacy that fueled the black-Asian racial hostilities while a sitting member of the Oakland City Council wrote in an op-ed that 'anti-black and anti-Asian violence comes from the same root causes: white supremacy and capitalism'.

Meanwhile, it was plain to see from viral surveillance videos that it wasn't MAGA-hatted assailants chanting 'Chy-na virus' or 'Kung Flu' as they took out defenseless elderly Asians. These attacks, mostly carried out by minorities in progressive cities like Oakland, San Francisco and New York, make it really hard to argue that the rhetoric of a former president is responsible for pulling the puppet strings of constituents who most likely didn't vote for him. Indeed, Department of Justice statistics show that while victims of violence tend to be targeted by perpetrators within their ethnicities far more than any other, Asian victims are targeted more by other races at the following rates: 27.5 percent black, 24.1 percent white, 21.4 percent Hispanic (compared to 24.1 percent Asian). This seems to suggest that the white supremacy thesis is extremely weak.

Considering that Blacks account for 13% of the population, individually, they are 8 or 9 times as likely to attack Asians as whites.  And while there are some Whites who harbor racist sentiments against Asians, the evidence is that such racism is far more prevalent among Blacks.  Consider the Black school board member in San Francisco whose anti-Asian tweets have been in the news, and who refuses to be canceled.  Yaron Steinbuch reports in the New York Post:

The school district's entire senior staff on Sunday denounced vice president Alison Collins, saying she hasn't adequately taken responsibility for the shocking tweets, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In the thread of tweets from Dec. 4, 2016, Collins said that Asian American teachers, students and parents had used "white supremacist thinking to assimilate and 'get ahead.'"

Collins explained that she was seeking to "combat anti-black racism in the Asian community" and "at my daughters' mostly Asian Am school."

Her posts also contained racial epithets, including a reference comparing Asian Americans to "house n—-s."

Here are some of her tweets:


The underlying reality is that many Asian Americans have excelled academically in this country, because most Asian cultures emphasize study and hard work as the path to success.  And their experience in this country shows that despite any racism here, many Asian ethnic nationalities are out earning whites substantially.  Census data show average household income in 2019 as follows:

Indian Americans



Taiwanese Americans



Filipino Americans



Indonesian Americans



Japanese Americans



White Americans



I sure don't see any white supremacy in these data.  It makes the assertion that racism is the cause of minorities failing to achieve difficult to defend.  That may be why some African-Americans resent Asian-Americans.

Meanwhile, Asian-American applicants to highly competitive colleges face rampant discrimination, as schools like Harvard require much higher scores on standardized tests and grades from Asians than from other groups.  To many Asian American voters, this attempt to, limit the educational achievement of their children is deeply upsetting, enough so to even motivate voting against Democrats, the party overwhelmingly supported by the higher education industry that almost universally discriminates against them   

Meanwhile, back to violence.

The racial hate-mongers have been on a campaign to defund police, let criminals out of jail, and lessen sentences and allow cash-free bail based on the contention that Blacks are unfairly (disproportionately) arrested and convicted of crimes.  District attorneys like George Gascon and Chesa Boudin, elected with Soros money, have been doing their utmost to free or not prosecute criminals based on this racialist ideology.  That's why a bill was introduced in California that would reclassify violent robbery as a misdemeanor, not a felony, if no deadly weapon was involved, or if "grave bodily harm" was not inflicted.  This bill has raised alarms among Asians, including:

The Asian American Prosecutors Association issued a statement voicing their concerns over the bill, "vehemently" opposing it. They cited a number of ABC7 News stories including one about three men attacking and robbing an older Asian man along the Nob Hill, Chinatown border in San Francisco. The group believes with the passing of SB82 this case would serve as a prime example of justice not being served since the older man seen on surveillance video did not suffer serious physical injuries and a deadly weapon was not used.


The political restructuring of American politics kicked off by the Trump presidency continues.  African-American and Hispanic voters have been moving away from overwhelming support of Democrats, as the populist appeal of Republicans increases.  If this trend continues and Asian-Americans abandon them in significant numbers, the Democrats will be left dependent on highly indoctrinated college educated professionals, far from a majority, as their base.

That's why the media are lying about violence against Asians.

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