Liberalism is in its death throes

Out-of-control cancel culture, borders open again to illegal immigration, and the Democrat majorities in Congress attempting to impose one-party rule on the country are nothing less than the symptoms of a dying ideology, a modern liberalism that has reached its logical conclusion and is ditching what used to work and is instead imposing its radical will and agenda on the entire country.  Beginning in the sixties, when a radical form of liberalism emerged, it has been constantly on the prowl for the next victim class to feed its voracious appetite by preying on their sense of victimhood. 

First, beginning with Lyndon Johnson and his "Great Society," it devoured African-Americans through welfare state programs that utterly failed in their original mission.  This has served as the template for liberalism ever since in its attempt to capture every possible demographic (except white males) by pandering to their sense of victimhood in a country supposedly seething with bigots and sexists.  If you belong to a specific race, sex, or ethnic group that thinks it's been marginalized and discriminated against, vote for a Democrat, and your sense of victimhood will magically disappear.  The left has burned through virtually every demographic starting with blacks, followed by women, gays, Hispanics, Muslims, and now transgenders over the course of the last 50 years.  

What we're seeing now is modern liberalism reaching the end of the line, where it has run out of options on whom to prey on next.  More precisely, it's run out of ideas to sell to the public as to what its vision is for the country going forward.  Accusing everyone of bigotry or misogyny is not a vision; it's a distraction and misdirection from actually addressing and solving real problems.  This has actually been a fairly good strategy over many decades, but when you get to a point where you've exhausted the strategy that's worked so well for so long, weird things start to happen, most notably when your victim groups begin to see through it and realize they've been taken advantage of.  One of the ways this becomes most evident is when what's being done for one group either does no good for them or is detrimental to their interests. 

Generally speaking, the left views the world in terms of the collective, whereas the right views it in terms of the individual.  This is why conservatism beats liberalism every time, because conservative principles are equally applied to everyone regardless of race, religion, or sex.  And this is the way the Constitution was designed.  Its principles were to be applied not on a collective basis, but rather on the individual, regardless of demographics.  You can't get any more equal or "just" in that.  One can read the Constitution and find absolutely nothing delineated by group or class.  There are large numbers of productive and successful blacks in the middle and even upper classes who surrender their individuality every election day by voting for Democrats out of solidarity with all African-Americans while knowing full well that identity politics is rooted in collectivism and is detrimental to their self-interest.

The underlying internal contradictions are starting to starve the liberal beast because they are totally irreconcilable.  To students of history, this should be self-evident, since all societies governed upon collectivist ideologies always collapse because of their internal contradictions.  It's only a matter of time until this occurs in the U.S., as modern liberalism is demonstrating at this moment in history.

Image: Wonderlane.