As border crisis deepens, DHS sec. Mayorkas goes Baghdad Bob on Sunday interview shows

Yesterday, DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was given the unenviable assignment of defending the Biden administration's self-created crisis at the southern border by appearing on multiple Sunday talk shows, including CNN, NBC's Meet the PressFox News Sunday, and MSNBC.  It did not go well, as he resorted to outright lies, such as "the border is closed" and "the border is secure."

Even allies of the Biden administration like CNN are grossed out by the plight of the "children" (mostly late teens) lured across the border by the Biden administration's reversal of the successful policies of Trump and overwhelming our capacity to house them, much less test them for COVID.  If you don't have the stomach to screen the videos at the links above, let this screen grab of CNN's Dana Bash and Mayorkas convey the sense of the encounter, complete with a Chiron referencing Democrat Texas congressmen Henry Cuellar and Vicente Gonzales, both of whom are publicly critical:

YouTube screen grab.

Even lapdog media are grossed out by the blackout of access to facilities where they are being held in dire conditions.  After an orgy of castigating the Trump administration over housing them in "cages" (built under Obama), it is hard to accept the treatment of both the kids and the media.

Charles Lipson, emeritus professor of political science at the University of Chicago, aptly compared Mayorkas's attempts to put lipstick on this gigantic pig to the infamous Baghdad Bob, a symbol of lying denial of an obvious reality:

"There is absolutely no immigration crisis on the southern border." That's the repeated message from the Biden administration. It simply isn't true.

Our leaders are telling Americans to ignore the overcrowded immigrant centers and caravans on the way. Don't look at unaccompanied minors, arriving in record numbers. Those are mere "challenges." Want to see for yourself? Sorry, no can do. The administration has blocked journalists from inspecting immigration facilities or accompanying the Border Patrol on their rounds. This is not the way to discuss democratic choices. It's the way to grow mushrooms.

The BS was so awful that President Trump issued a statement (hat tip: The Last Refuge)