Joe Biden's part-time presidency

Barack Obama never seemed enamored of the work that went along with being president.  It wasn't that he couldn't do it; it was that he didn't want to do it.  By contrast, the much older Donald Trump was a whirlwind workaholic.  Joe Biden is a different creature entirely: he is not a dynamo like Trump, nor a slacker like Obama.  One gets the impression, instead, that he is incapable of putting in a full day of work.  The best evidence yet comes from his schedule for this week.

Steve Herman, a White House reporter, posted on Twitter what Joe Biden's schedule is over the next five days.  On Monday, he will deliver remarks; on Tuesday, he will travel to Pennsylvania; on Wednesday, he will have a telephone meeting with the president of Ireland; and on Friday, he will travel to Georgia.  In case you are thinking I skipped over Thursday, I did not.  He has nothing on his calendar for Thursday (hat tip: The Gateway Pundit):

If reporters were to ask about this relaxing schedule (not that they ever would), one can be assured that the White House would insist that Biden is very busy taking care of business for America. You see, the president is traveling to highlight to people across America how the $1.9-trillion spending binge that the Democrat-run Congress passed, and that Biden signed, will benefit ordinary Americans.

In truth, there is minimal benefit to ordinary Americans.  Those who have run the numbers have pointed out that, while many (but not all) Americans will get payments of $1,400, the price tag will be $5,000 for each American.  A few people have to be wondering where the $3,600 difference is going.  The answer is that the money is going to Democrat party boondoggles.

The part of the bill that most irritates me is that it is being used to bail out blue states and cities that threw away their economies last year or allowed rioting to destroy their infrastructure.  The only way people will change bad behaviors is if they suffer the consequences.

It was insanely reckless and shortsighted for blue states to engage in lockdowns.  Likewise, it was just insane for leftist cities to give carte blanche to the Black Lives Matter rioters.  Had the residents of those cities and states had to face the economic consequences of their decisions, they might have walked back from their over-the-top leftism.  Instead, fiscally responsible and law-abiding red-staters are bailing out the profligate and foolish leftists.

Other people are figuring this out.  That may explain why the White House thinks Biden should go on a marketing campaign in the coming week to explain to people why every one of them (and their children) should be saddled with between $3,600 and $5,000 of debt that will not benefit them.

And again, what's really ridiculous about this sales campaign the president and his stand-in, Kamala Harris, are conducting is that that seems to be the most that Biden is capable of doing.  Even when you drill down into the daily details not available on the weekly calendar, Biden is barely moving.  Take a look at his detailed schedule for Monday:

Thinking about it, perhaps it's not all bad that Biden seems to be a sluggish president.  Considering the fact that his executive orders have been intended to erase all evidence that Donald Trump ever occupied the White House and that they are without exception damaging to America's well-being, it's getting to be obvious that the less Biden does, the better.

Image: Joe Biden. YouTube screen grab.

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