Trump’s use of ‘China virus’ is racist but MSM fine with attaching Covid to other places

The absurd charge that Donald Trump was racist in naming the cause of the current pandemic the “China virus” is once more being heard as unprovoked attacks on Asians are being blamed on him. Despite the fact that most of those attacks for which surveillance video is available seem to be the product of African Americans, a group whose support for Trump is among the lowest of all demographic slices of the public.

YouTube screengrab

Burt a friend of mine pointed out that the media are perfectly fine with naming the new variants of the virus – about which we are supposed to panic and keep on masking ourselves indefinitely – for other geographic locations. The Wall Street Journal just discussed the “UK variant” in an article warming that Europe is seeing a rebound in cases. But, you might object, the UK is predominantly Caucasian, so maybe that is why it is OK to name a variant after it? But apparently not.  See this New York Times daily briefing that mentions the “South Africa” and “Brazil” variants.

The studies also found evidence that the South Africa and Brazil variants had been circulating in the city. And the British variant continues to gain steam in New York City, making up 6.2 percent of cases, up from 2.7 percent in late January.

So, let’s be clear: the idea that naming an illness after the place it first appeared is entirely normal, both historically (I am so old I feared getting the “German measles”) and currently (“South Africa variant”). What is abnormal is castigating Trump for racism in following that normal practice, and blaming him for attacks on Asians by people most unlikely to be his supporters.