Is the federal government going to make vaccinations mandatory?

While it hasn't happened yet, it is obvious that the Biden administration, along with the rest of the globalists, thinks vaccinations should be mandatory despite the hesitation of many millions of Americans to submit to what is essentially an experimental vaccine, approved on an emergency basis, still unapproved by the FDA.

"Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded." —Friedrich von Hayek 

Testing that would ordinarily take at least five years has been rushed even though the mortality rate of COVID is low and there are now very effective treatments. Had HCQ and Ivermectin been approved once it was known that they worked, thousands of elderly lives might have been saved. But the self-appointed COVID czar, the execrable, highest-paid employee of the entire federal government, Dr. Fauci, denied what he knew to be true, that those old and inexpensive drugs worked. And because President Trump mentioned HCQ, the media made sure it was thoroughly discounted.

There are four vaccines available, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and now the one by Johnson & Johnson. Only the J & J vaccine is not an mRNA gene manipulator. No one knows what the long-term effects or consequences of these new vaccines might be. They pretend they do but they do not. No one does.

What will be the effects when a new and different virus comes along? How do they affect our immune system? No one really knows. Are they a medical miracle? Maybe, but while many doctors and scientists sing praises for these mRNA vaccines, numerous doctors and scientists have expressed dire warnings about potential repercussions down the line so it is understandable that millions of Americans who have availed themselves of the probably thousands of articles and video discussions about these vaccines have reservations. Frank Luntz conducted a virtual focus group of Trump supporters. They all have contempt for Fauci, an obvious charlatan, and were all suspicious of the vaccine, perhaps for good reason. Perhaps we should follow the money.

It seems the military is now coercing enlisted personnel to submit to the vaccines against their own judgment. This is coming way too close to mandatory vaccination. The talk of "vaccine passports" is akin to Hitler's "executive order" that all the Jews of Germany wear the yellow star on their sleeves. So far the only voice of reason is Ron DeSantis who has vowed to prosecute any business that mandates their employees be vaccinated to keep their jobs.

Will other Republican governors, senators and members of the House follow suit? We shall see.

Thus far most of the Republicans in Congress have proved to be willing vassals of the Democrats. But if the Biden administration attempts to make having the vaccine mandatory to travel, fly, enter any place of business, there will be trouble in River City. Millions of us will not travel, fly, or enter those places of business. If the mask mandates continue, as Fauci has suggested, for another year or two, millions of us will not patronize those places of business. The mask mandates are a blatant leap toward the socialism the Democrat party hopes to install in America. And they are dangerous. The masks are useless in containing COVID and the lockdowns were and are entirely unnecessary.

The ultimate question then is: would the SCOTUS uphold a vaccine mandate? Given what we've seen of their recent decisions of late, they might. They seem paralyzed by their fear of the vicious and violent left. Maybe they are afraid of not presenting themselves as "woke" enough, the Constitution be damned. Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch are the only justices who do not appear to fear the leftmedia. Kavanaugh and Barret have been tremendous disappointments to those of us who avidly supported their confirmation. One would think that what the left put Kavanaugh through would have given him a superior fortitude to defend the Constitution and what is right, morally and legally. But no, he, like Roberts and Barrett, has shown himself to be a milksop. There is no way the court could constitutionally uphold a vaccine mandate or a mask mandate. But they might.

The United States must remain a constitutional republic if we are to continue as a free country as founded. The left becomes apoplectic whenever anyone suggests abortion should be limited. The Biden/Harris administration wants no limitations on the procedure up to and after birth, personal choice about one's own body is their mantra. But they will want us all to submit to an experimental vaccine and to wear masks for years to come. Choice be damned.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. —Albert Camus

Photo credit: NAID via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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