Joe Biden is the second coming of Leonid Brezhnev

He deserves a few lines or even a few pages in history books, but he was so mediocre as a person and so unremarkable as a politician that it would be difficult for him to leave any kind of a mark in history.

He needed constant doctors' supervision, and all the places where he lived were equipped with medical devices.

He was slowly dying before the eyes of the whole world.

Of course, his painful condition began to reflect on his ability to rule the country. He was forced to often interrupt his duties or shift them to a constantly growing staff of personal assistants. His work day was significantly reduced. Gradually he stopped understanding of what was happening around him.

However, many influential but deeply immoral and corrupt people from his circle were interested in him appearing in public from time to time, at least as a formal head of state. By literally helping him walk, they achieved the worst: his old age, weakness and illness became the subject not so much of the sympathy and pity of his fellow citizens, as of irritation and ridicule, which people expressed more and more openly.

But the point is not only that he will never be remembered as a "great" or "strong" leader. He was, in essence, a boring and incapable bureaucrat who had no big dreams, no interesting ideas and plans, no original style.

Both in character and in intellect, he was a dependent, indecisive and shallow person, whom even his closest associates treated with considerable disdain. They followed him not because they believed in his ideas, but because it was beneficial for them at the moment.

If you are following American politics at all, the passage above should sound like the opinion piece by the New York Times.  But it is not.  These are quotes from Russian presidential historian Roy Medvedev's article "Political portraits: Leonid Brezhnev".

Leonid Brezhnev ruled as a Soviet dictator from 1977 to 1982.  Being a young child growing up in the Soviet Union, I remember only the last years of his life.  Even children understood that the country was ruled by a decaying corpse.  Brezhnev's ill health and inability to make any meaningful decisions were apparent for everybody to see.  Even though he was thoroughly hidden from even the ever complicit Soviet media, he looked ill on the rare occasions when he appeared in public.

Joe Biden's mental decline is becoming apparent to everybody.  Forgetting names, not understanding numbers, not knowing members of his own administration, and multiple referrals to his V.P. as "president" are just a few of the examples that a man considered the leader of the free world is cognitively struggling and is not able to govern the country in any meaningful way.  His rarely appeared in public during his presidential campaign because of his utter inability to either speak in public or give any coherent answers to the media.  After the inauguration, he continues to avoid the press, and he has not given a press briefing for longer than any other U.S. president in 100 years.  If that does not worry you, then you are not paying attention.

In addition to being mentally incapable to govern, Joe Biden was not a gifted political figure even in his younger days.  His 40-year-old political career is mainly remembered for his gaffes.  He has no achievements to his name.  He has changed his positions on every major political issue depending on what was the agenda of the day.  He never had any strong beliefs or personality and leadership to carry these beliefs into reality.

Biden ascended to the Presidency the same way Brezhnev did – not by honest and fair elections, but by the scheme orchestrated by a ruling political machine. American political mob took a page from the old Soviet playbook. That mob is now paving a path to destruction of American society, hiding behind a mumbling but politically convenient corpse.

Soviet people in the '80s had 70 years of practice, so they knew a con when they saw one.  Most American people don't.  If they don't wake up now, they'll soon be living in what will be the new and improved version of the Soviet Union.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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