Kamala Harris badmouths America

The other day, Biden again referred to Kamala Harris as "President Harris." Whether that was a Freudian slip or preparation for his resignation, Biden was right. When we watch him fall repeatedly going upstairs or hear him babble incoherently whether on or off the TelePrompter, we know that Joe's sell-by date is coming soon. When he finally shuffles out of the White House, Kamala Harris will become the President of the United States — and, as Harris showed again at Emory University, she openly hates this country.

Our soon-to-be president is the product of a highly educated Jamaican man and a highly educated, professional, upper-caste Indian woman, both of whom did well professionally. Kamala spent her formative years in far-left Berkeley and then, with her mother, in Canada. She has no connection to the American black experience, whether through her family history, her geographical upbringing, or her affluent childhood.

Tulsi Gabbard rightly attacked Kamala for being the scourge of blacks and other disadvantaged people when she was San Francisco's District Attorney and California's Attorney General. Her job qualifications have always been questioned, anyway, because it was an open secret that she got her start as Willie Brown's protégé, thanks to her personal relationship with a powerful man who was then twice her age. You could say that she slept her way to the middle.

Harris has a flat, Fran Drescher voice and a naggy personality. She lapses into manic laughter whenever she's asked a question she can't answer — and there are a lot of those. Watch her mindless, cackling attempt to avoid addressing the fact that she was the running mate of a man whom she had accused of sexual assault:

Just the other day, even though the administration's immigration crisis is so big the drive-by media has had to report on it, Kamala disclaimed any knowledge of the situation, saying, "I haven't been briefed on anything today about it..."

What Kamala really meant, of course, is that she had yet to be coached about how to answer. She's certainly not a quick thinker, and she lacks both tact and commonsense. It's no wonder that, during the primaries, she didn't even make it to the first primary vote.

Now we can add to the negatives about Kamala the fact that she gives every indication that she genuinely hates America. She's also grossly uninformed about world history and human nature.

The background for this contention is the Democrats' growing problem with Asian Americans who resent the way Democrat-run institutions, especially colleges, openly discriminate against Asians. Rather than returning America's Democrat-controlled institutions to being meritocracies, Democrats have a different approach.

They are trying to win back Asian support by claiming that elderly Asians are under attack because Donald Trump said COVID came from China. Of course, most (not all, but most) of the attacks come from inner-city Black youths who are scarcely likely to look to Trump for guidance.

So it was that, while appearing at Emory University in Atlanta today, Kamala Harris, in peak pandering mode, stated first, contrary to evidence, that the shooting in Atlanta was racially motivated. She then had this to say about America:

Racism is real in America and it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America and always has been. Sexism, too.

Harris then described at length a history of anti-Asian racism. Interestingly, while she mentioned the way the Japanese-Americans were interned during World War II, she forgot to say that it was the Democrats who did that.

And, of course, Kamala blamed Trump, saying that, "for the last year, we've had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian Americans. People with the biggest pulpits spreading this kind of hate." This is a lie. Trump never blamed Asian Americans for COVID. Instead, he accurately said that COVID came from China, with the Chinese Communist Party bearing responsibility.

For Harris, America is irredeemable. Kamala's hatred and contempt for America are even greater than Obama's were. She's also ferociously ignorant, for she seems not to know that every nation in the history of the world has had racism, xenophobia, and sexism. Most nations in the world still do.

For several decades before Obama's brought his racial toxicity to the forefront in America and threw America's Blacks and working class under the bus in favor of illegal aliens, America was the least racist, least xenophobic, least sexist nation in the historic and modern world — and I say that as someone who is stinkingly well-educated and well-traveled.

Kamala's statements are not informed by knowledge or intelligence. They came from a place of ignorance and loathing, all of which is focused on the country she'll soon lead.

Image: Kamala Harris at Emory University. YouTube screen grab.