Georgetown takes a knee for something or other

On Saturday, the entire Georgetown basketball team took a very public knee before its game to Colorado, none of whose players took a knee.  On seeing this, I had to wonder what exactly it was that the team from Bill Clinton's alma mater was protesting.

Given Georgetown's D.C. location and its well known political science programs, one might have thought that coach Patrick Ewing and his Hoyas knew something that the benighted Buffaloes from Boulder did not.  If they did, it certainly wasn't about basketball.  Colorado blew Georgetown out, winning in a walk by 23.

On the face of things, the Hoyas had little to be unhappy about.  Barack Obama has long been a friend of the program and a fan of the coach.  With his heir, Joe Biden, having reoccupied the White House, that one last bastion of white privilege was no longer in the enemy's hands.

Institutional racism could scarcely be the problem as the left controls every major institution in the country, starting with the Jesuit-run Georgetown University — which reminds me of the old joke: what is the difference between a Jesuit and a Baptist?  Answer: the Baptist knows he is not Catholic.

Big Media, Big Tech, higher ed, public ed, both houses of Congress, corporate America, the city halls of every major city, and even the military are all now in friendly hands as well.  So why the protest?

After all, there haven't been any gratuitous police shootings in D.C. recently.  Well, yeah, there was that still anonymous Capitol Police Force guy who shot an unarmed female Air Force vet for no known reason, but she was white and MAGA so that was hardly a provocation.

The only cited reason I could find anywhere was this unchallenged silliness from the chronically woke Sports Illustrated: "When Georgetown faced Butler in Indianapolis during the regular season, Ewing and his team took a knee for the anthem in response to the capitol riot that took place on Jan. 6." 

Having all but abandoned Catholic education, the good Jesuits who run Georgetown are apparently no longer teaching the third staple of the classic trivium: logic.  Try constructing a syllogism to justify the Georgetown knee:

It was wrong to for the Jan. 6 protestors to attack a precious American symbol.

We protest the protestors by attacking a precious American symbol.

Duh!  No wonder we got creamed by the Buffaloes.

Yes, the Georgetown knee dazzled with its illogic, but that, unfortunately, does not make it exceptional.  Recall, for instance, that the kneeling phenomenon was launched by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose primary beef was that he had been benched.

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," said Kaepernick, once his handlers got hold of the messaging.  "There are bodies in the street," he added, "and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.

Yes, there were bodies in the street, but Kaepernick, the biracial adopted son of a white Christian family, had no idea how they got there.  Misled by his president and the media, he somehow concluded that America "oppresses black people" and leaves them to die in the streets.  He reached this conclusion, it should be noted, in the eighth year of the Obama presidency while making $12 million a year, nearly $12 million a year more than the villains in his morality play, Trayvon Martin–shooter George Zimmerman and Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

For all eight of those years, an African-American headed the Department of Justice, and Democrats headed every major city in America save New York, the one city that defied the murderous post-Ferguson trend.  It was hard to know who Kaepernick thought could fix the problems that troubled him.  It certainly was not Barack Obama.

In the nine years since the left began institutionalizing its martyrs, not a one of them has deserved his place in the progressive pantheon of victimhood: not Trayvon Martin, not Michael Brown, not Breonna Taylor, not even that holy of holies, George Floyd.

During that period, there is only one victim that I would argue deserves the Georgetown knee, if for no other reason than the authorities' borderline criminal cover-up of her death.  And I'll bet Patrick Ewing — and I'll spot him 23 points — has never even thought to say the name "Ashli Babbitt."

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Image: Georgetown Univ.

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