Do You Trust Senator Joe Manchin?

Of all the issues facing our country, one of the most important issues is the vote to eliminate the filibuster rule. Do you have confidence that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia will make the right decision when casting his vote? 

Let's look at recent history of the filibuster.  From 1975 until 2013, the Senate required a three-fifths majority vote to end a filibuster, or 60 votes.  One way the filibuster could not be used was in blocking Executive and Judicial Branch nominees.  In 2013, then–Democrat majority leader Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option.  This option, voted in by a 52-to-48 vote along party lines, changed the rules so that all Executive Branch Cabinet appointments and judicial nominations below the Supreme Court could proceed with a simple majority of 51 votes.  But they left the filibuster rule intact for Supreme Court nominations and for new laws. 

Harry Reid was warned of the consequences of his actions when the Senate Republicans got back the majority.  And lo and behold, it came back to haunt the Democrats when the Republicans came back into power in 2015.  In 2017, then–Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell changed the approval vote for Supreme Court nominations to a simple majority of 51 votes, and Neil Gorsuch was approved.  McConnell was also able to get Trump's judicial nominees approved.  The tit for tat was now on between the parties.

So now the Democrats are back in power, and the only thing left for the filibuster rule is legislation.  The Democrats are fit to be tied.  They want to eliminate the filibuster rule altogether.  With a 50-50 split in the Senate and the Democrat vice president to break ties, the Democrats are in a dangerous position to railroad all votes/legislation through the Senate so they can run the country forever.

What does this mean to you?  Well, emotion trumps reason.  Democrats govern based on emotion, not facts.  It means passing legislation allowing amnesty for illegal aliens, the Green New Deal, reparations, changing gun rights in the Second Amendment, increasing taxes, stacking the Supreme Court, granting statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, federalizing voting standards, etc.  With 50 votes plus the V.P., Democrats win and can approve any legislation they please.  And the minority party, as well as you, cannot do a damn thing about it. 

That is why they want to change the Second Amendment — not to protect people from being killed, but to disarm you so that you have no power against the government.  We would still be under British rule if George Washington and company had had no guns.  

This is not your grandfather's Democrat Party.  This is the Democrat Party from hell.  They want our country to be a one-party system.  This is far-left elite liberals who want to change our country from a republic to a communist dictatorship — a republic as in representatives of the people, as opposed to dictatorship, where the government tells you what to do.

Stacking the Supreme Court will mean that the Democrats will have all three branches of government.  Federalizing voting standards means that you lose your most precious right: the right to vote.  Once that happens, you are toast.

Once laws are passed, overturning the laws is very difficult, especially when the legislation allows the ruling party total control.  These actions will change our country forever, hence changing your life forever.  Is that what you want? 

So now we come to Senator Joe Manchin, who is a critical vote on eliminating the filibuster rule.  He has prided himself on being bipartisan and working with Republicans, and it appears he does.  He says he voted with Trump 61% of the time.  However, if the truth be known, he does that on the minor issues that nobody cares about. 

But when it comes to the major issues like voting for the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, repeal or replace parts of the Affordable Care Act, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, and the $1.9T spending bill, he is nowhere to be found.  Oh, he will say, yes, but I voted for Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.  But we all know that these votes were foregone conclusions.  So his party leaders were fine with letting him vote with Trump to look good to the people of West Virginia. 

He gets all this attention because everybody looks at his vote to see if a critical bill will pass the Senate.  He just draws it out to get attention and see what he can get out of it. 

And now we really see how he operates.  Joe Biden has nominated Mrs. Manchen to co-chair the Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership with 13 states designed to boost investment in the Appalachian region.  I believe that that is what you call quid pro quo.  And isn't that what Joe Biden did with Ukraine?  Can you really trust Senator Joe Manchin?

If Senator Manchin votes to eliminate the filibuster rule, he will make Benedict Arnold look like Bozo the Clown.  Senator Manchin: Be a patriot, not a traitor.  Stand up for America, and do the right thing.  Vote against eliminating the filibuster rule.  Our country depends on it.

Image: Third Way Think Tank via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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