No presidency anymore

The radical left did not steal the presidency — they eliminated it.  

The Biden so-called press conference, a parody of itself, proved that.  While Biden had some moments in which he seemed lucid, he had many in which he could not conceal the fog that envelops his failing brain — not even with pre-approved non-questions from non-reporters and scripted responses.

Is this confused old guy the man who has his finger on the nuclear button?  Fortunately, he is not.   

His handlers are well aware that he lapses in and (back) out of situational awareness, as the televised appearance made clear to everyone, even his supporters.  Biden, at times, cannot distinguish between a North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) incoming-missile warning-screen, and an Xbox video game.

Joe Biden is not actually exercising the powers of the presidency.  He is not making any of the decisions.  He is not capable of doing either.  Who, then, is?

One thing is certain: Joe Biden is president in name only.  He is the warm-up act for Kamala Harris, who will assume the title of president of the United States whenever Biden begins (figuratively or literally) to drool so openly that the absurdity becomes too much to bear, even for his handlers — at which time Kamala will eagerly and triumphantly prance into the office.  Even Harris, however, is a blundering incompetent when it comes to the skills required of a president.  Skilled actress that she is, she can play the part on screen but will rely entirely on Biden's scriptwriters to formulate and execute policy.  Figurehead Kamala will not be permitted by the real rulers to do anything more than pretend to be president.  

One wonders, then, who are the people who comprise the secret cabal, the puppeteers?  Who are the ones actually setting policy for the nation?  Who is issuing the orders?  They were brilliant enough to illegally and openly steal an election, but there is a saying that it is easier to conquer than to govern.  Are they geniuses, or consummate fools?  Have they bitten off more than they can chew?  

"They" are not the Chinese.  Although the American commissars may be selling out to them, they are not willing to give up their perquisites to formally install them.  The apparatchiks seek a truce, a deal, a compromise with foreign enemies, in which they can lock in their status as a permanent ruling class.  But, having fed the dragon, the American left rightly fear being eaten by it.

When the left stole the election, they destroyed more than the presidency.  They destroyed the electoral system itself.  It is in ruins.

However much the Senate Republicans may now scurry to patch it back together, their belated efforts are not noble, but merely self-serving.  Had they been noble, they never would have accepted electors that they knew were false.  They would never have allowed illegally appointed electors to go unchallenged.  They would not have ignored the state legislatures, who have sole authority to send electors to the senate, when those legislatures attempted to rescind the unlawful actions of those officials who had no authority to change state election laws.  

This is in the tradition of Republicans who loudly proclaim to be outraged but do so only after they are assured of having no power to repair the damage they allowed to happen.  

The bottom line is that the United States has been fundamentally transformed.  The Republic has been replaced by an oligarchy.  Its new flag, already being flown above some federal buildings, is not the symbol of unity, but the very illustration of chaos and cacophony, the symbol by which we have been divided and conquered.

To whom, then, can we turn to restore the Republic?  The answer to that is in your mirror.

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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