Companies must fight back against wokeness

Hyatt-Regency is under woke attack for sponsoring CPAC in Orlando, where adoring MAGA thousands expressed their affection for Donald Trump.  Though Hyatt has hunkered down somewhat in the face of leftist screaming, the company doesn't really come across as all that cowed.  Maybe it would buy into the following.

Remember the nationwide outpouring for Chick-fil-A a few years ago (before it, too, went woke)?  Businesses that openly favor Trump's America need to take advantage of the simmering irritation going on outside the pages of the woke media.  Once the unwoke public understand who's really in their corner and who holds them in contempt, the floodgates will open.  Being ignored is one thing; being sneered at is quite another.  The left doesn't realize that it's been lucky so far that the general public hasn't caught on to what's happening.

The idea here is, rather than hunker down from wokeness, go on the attack with unwoke themes.  Advertise with such memes as "it's not racist to be white."  "Some of my best friends are white."  "We welcome everybody."  While mouthing these lines, the actors drink the advertised soft drink or luxuriate in the beds of the motel chain or swim in its pool with multiracial guests.

It wouldn't be cheap, but the alternative of going out of business isn't cheap, either.  Woke media would refuse to give airtime to such ads — unless large payments were made.  Thirty years ago, Ross Perot bought two hours of expensive TV time for a rally not long before the '92 election.  There are also other, very effective ways to get the message out.  Billboards are one.  Small-town newspapers and neighborhood newsletters are another.

The message need not be about just race.  Several AT articles by physicians have demonstrated the uselessness of masks.  Imagine billboards touting Florida's unmasked COVID success as opposed to New York's heavily masked COVID failure.  Or quoting doctors on the dismal inefficacy of masks in stopping COVID.

We need to actively counter wokeness and woke zombies.  Once this idea catches fire, there would be no stopping it.  Americans are fed up with the insulting stupidity of wokeness.  We have the advantage among the very people the wokesters seek to silence — people who think as we do.  We need to press that advantage.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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