Is wokesterism peaking? Hyatt punches back at leftist boycott threat for hosting CPAC

As corporation after corporation jumps into the mud pit of political correctness -- everything from wokester ads, to payoffs to Black Lives Matter, to critical race theory from the boardrooms, the Hyatt hotel chain has emerged as a firewall against the leftist cancel-culture lunacy. It may be the first big sign of wokester mobbery peaking.

Facing a leftist call to boycott them for hosting the Conservative Political Action Committee convention in Florida, the hotel chain refused to bow down like so many of them do.

Instead, they bit back against the Twitter mob leading the charge with an impressive statement of first principles

”We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment and we believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company,” a spokesperson told Fox Business. “We believe in the right of individuals and organizations to peacefully express their views, independent of the degree to which the perspectives of those hosting meetings and events at our hotels align with ours.

”Our own values support a culture that is characterized by empathy, respect and diversity of opinions and backgrounds, and we strive to bring this to light through what we do and how we engage with those in our care.”

How bad was it? Well, leftists, who know about these things, came up with the phony argument that the CPAC stage was, are you ready? -- really a Nazi symbol:



That would be Nazis, National Socialists, the same state-control-of-industry fascism, cancel culture, and anti-Semitism that's so obvious among today's also-socialist Democrats. Republicans don't do Naziism, or anything leftist, and have nothing to apologize for. Democrats? You decide.

Hyatt's action is impressive because they're such a big hotel chain. Normally, the big flabby corporations fold like cheap suits under this kind of wokester pressure, and leftists know it. A boycott is supposed to bring them to their knees, and they get scared.

But in Hyatt's case, they punched back. Very few have done this -- Goya is a rare exception and Trader Joe's is a partial exception (Have not seen Trader Jose or Trader Ming bannering any new products over there). Both of those, of course, are smaller, more dynamic private companies that don't need to answer to crazed leftist shareholder activists or big media 'narrative.'

The Hyatt pushback, though, now suggests that even with its size, it doesn't need or doesn't want to bow down to the fact-challenged, intolerant left. It's a sign of dynamism emerging after a long winter of corporate flabbery.

Daniel Greenfield argues at FrontPage that the most jellyfish-like companies bowing to wokester demands tend to be the ones that are not turning profits. Even the tech giants have arguably gone flabby, given that they seem to be hiring zero-talent relatives of leftist pols on a political basis in top positions over people of merit. Twitter's stock has been in the dumps for awhile. Elon Musk (world's newest richest man) has said he thinks the tech baronies peaked, too.

Yet it also seems to be pushing forward what seems to be a trend.

Here's a small random list to support that:

The entire Oakley school board was forced to resign after disparaging parents who were unhappy about their (unioned-up) failure to re-open that district's schools. An actual scandal happened, and instead of the parents being made into the bad guys, the wokesters lost. That's different.

The Los Angeles Times editorial page blasted the wokester teachers unions, saying they were out of excuses for their failure to re-open schools. That, too, is different. No alliance to political correctness there, just a cold reading of science, public sentiment, and facts on the ground.

In San Francisco, teachers' union hypocrisy is being exposed and the leftist city government is actually suing the teachers' union. This one's a lulu. And once again, a lost for the crazed wokester left.

It gets better: The Capitol rioters being prosecuted for invading and trashing the Capitol are being told by the judges to go to heck for trying to claim that President Trump told them to do what they did. Which is a very big change, given that the left conducted an entire impeachment on that basis. The rioters' defense, Blaming Trump, has now been recognized as bee ess, a last refuge as scoundrels, not a claim rooted in fact. Blaming Trump is normally something the court culture would bow down to, given that what we've seen until recently from them is Anything to Get Trump.  Something changed. The prosecutors wanted a legal conviction built on solid ground, instead of their cocktail party breaker that they Got Trump. It looks like these clowns are heading to jail right where they belong.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live is lampooning California's and New York's failed leftist governors, creating a cold open revealing their failures just this past weekend, for sure a sign of sinking pols now that it's bled into the pop culture. Another loss for the woke.

Coke, meanwhile, is now a figure of fun among the public for its bowing down to critical race theory which included instruction to its white employees to "try to act less white." It's all over Twitter. No corporation wants that much public ridicule.

There are plenty more instances of this in what's surely a building wave reaction.

And corporate behavior often leads the political climate.

Robert Morton of The Pipeline writes that it's comparable to France's Reign of Terror being succeeded by the Thermidorean Reaction (and The Directory), which eventually got thrown out and led to Napoleon. It's not an exact analogy, given that the Thermidoreans and Directory bunch were decadent, venal, sleazy, and corrupt. It's a commentary on how bad the Reign of Terror was that people would prefer these kind of yucky characters over far leftists on the rampage. And no, they were not right-wing as he argues, they were machine-pol pocket-liners of no principles whatsoever. But Morton's right that there will be a reaction, because a reaction is very natural.

Fortunately, the Trump values coming forward in the corporate and government pushback against cancel culture is a lot better than that.

Let's hope this Hyatt pushback continues and grows. Non-flabby corporations that can stand up to wokesters are a sign of life and vigor and growth potential in a society. 


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