Bumbling Biden blows border badly

A huge and totally unnecessary crisis is being created at the U.S.-Mexican border, with profound human suffering and the possibility of reigniting the spread of COVID.  You can thank President Biden, or his handlers, for wrecking a perfectly good arrangement, carefully constructed by President Trump, that protected Americans from the human waves of border violators that overwhelmed the Obama administration.

Thanks to Mexico acting like a Good Neighbor — after considerable persuasion by President Trump — the foreign invaders, including those from nations south and east of Mexico, were mostly intercepted before they got a chance to attempt an illegal entry.  Thanks to the completely sensible policy of requiring those who claimed asylum to wait in Mexico while those claims were adjudicated, the formerly huge problem of people disappearing into the U.S. interior and unable to be expelled when their claims were found to be bogus vanished.  And as word went out that it was no longer easy to sneak in or openly come in claiming refugee status and melt away, fewer people decided to attempt to defraud our border protections.

All of those well functioning solutions have been discarded, and as a result, human suffering on the part of border-violators has escalated and continues to grow.

The Biden administration reportedly expects an unprecedented surge of unaccompanied migrant children showing up on the southern border in hopes of being admitted into the United States during its first year.

Border officials anticipate 117,000 children will arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without a parent or guardian in 2021, according to a White House domestic policy council document to be shared with President Biden this afternoon, which Axios reported Tuesday. The number is higher than the 68,000 taken into custody during the 2014 surge of solo children and the 80,000 who arrived during the 2019 humanitarian crisis at the border.

Each of these children is a human tragedy.  The media will no longer use expressions like "ripped apart from their families" or "confined in cages" even as some of the very same facilities used under Trump are used to house them, but the unhappy situation is the same.  Some of these children will have been abused by the coyotes whose business has been revived by Biden.  Each and every one of them will become a burden on U.S. taxpayers, who will bear the cost of schooling, housing, feeding, and caring for them medically.

After Americans have borne a gigantic cost — in the multi-trillions — in locking down the economy to slow the spread of COVID, a new population of people who have not been screened or treated for the disease is being spread throughout the United States.  Biden has slurred the governors of Texas and Mississippi as "Neanderthals" (less than humans) for ending their largely ineffective mask mandates, but he is himself guilty of far more reckless behavior, seeding America with a wave of Typhoid Marys, carrying COVID into the United States.



These people at the border (who paid for those t-shirts?) know who has wrecked border security and who will spend our tax money to help them once they get in.



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