Biden's approval rating remains bizarrely high

If you ever need proof that Americans are living in two different realities, you can find it in the latest Hill/Harris X poll showing that Biden has a 59% job approval rating two months into his presidency.  For more than half of Americans, the mainstream media, even though people claim to distrust it, is still powerfully driving public perceptions about American presidents.

According to the poll, which queried 2,818 registered voters and claims a margin of error of only 1.85 percentage points:

Roughly six in 10 voters approve of Joe Biden's performance as president, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Fifty-nine percent of registered voters in the March 12–14 survey said they approve of Biden's job in the White House, a one point tick up from last week's poll.

By contrast, 41 percent of respondents said they disapprove.

Ninety-three percent of Democrats approve of Biden in the White House along with 60 percent of independent voters.

Seventy-five percent of Republicans disapprove.

As you can see, Democrats are in hog heaven; 25% of Republicans (all of whom must be NeverTrumps) are happy; and an astonishing 60% of independents are happy, too.

On the issues, Biden's overall support for handling the coronavirus and generally administering the government got a 65% approval rating from Democrats and a 60% approval rating from Republicans.

On the economy and stimulating jobs, Biden's approval rating was at 57% and 58%, respectively.  On fighting terrorism and foreign affairs, Biden gets 56% and 55% approval.  Half of those polled approved of his job on immigration.

It's important to note before going any farther that The Hill article reporting on this Hill/Harris X poll does not give the numerical breakdown of party affiliation for the poll. Any poll results are suspect without that information.

Even without knowing how many Republicans versus Democrats were polled, the high approval is strange.

When it comes to handling the coronavirus, Biden is doing nothing more than continuing the policies that Trump put in place, utilizing the vaccine that Trump was able to bring to fruition thanks to Operation Warp Speed.  But while the media insisted Trump was killing people, it now boasts that Biden, while doing the same things, is saving lives.

On the economy and stimulating jobs, on his very first day in office, when he killed the Keystone Pipeline and banned fracking on federal land, Biden destroyed tens of thousands of high-paying jobs.  He's reopened the doors to foreign skilled labor taking the place of America's white-collar workers and is welcoming hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, who will replace America's low-income workers.  In addition, Biden's Democrat party is pushing hard to return manufacturing jobs to China in the name of climate purity.

Voters can approve of Biden's work fighting terrorism only if they agree with Democrats that the terrorists whom we need fear are alleged legions of "White supremacists," people whose demographics perfectly overlap (in Democrat minds) with Trump-supporters.  In his two months in office, Biden's done nothing to fight Islamic terrorism, unless you count creating new opportunities for transgender and pregnant troops in America's military.

Regarding foreign affairs, Biden is effectively undermining the Abraham Accords, which had promised to bring true peace to the Middle East.  It's no wonder that Saudi Arabia, which had been inching towards a rapprochement with Israel, is once again back to demanding that the Palestinians be included in any peace.  The genius of Trump's Abraham Accords was that he marginalized the Palestinians, showing that a group deeply hated across the Arab Middle East should not prevent reaching mutually beneficial agreements with Israel.

Immigration is a purely partisan divide.  Those who approve of an open border with children in concentration camps support Biden.  Those who believe in a sovereign nation with orderly immigration procedures do not.

I suspect that the real reason behind Biden's bizarrely high poll numbers is that the media are no longer hysterically insisting that the American president is a crazed, traitorous criminal who is mean to people and is destroying political and societal norms.  This non-stop narrative was enough to obliterate for many people the fact that Trump was growing the economy, increasing job opportunities, weakening our geopolitical enemies, securing our borders, pulling Americans out of pointless wars, and bringing peace to the Middle East.

Now America is led by a feckless, increasingly senile old man, yet the media routinely offer daily affirmations attesting to his wisdom and competence.  Fed a steady diet of fact-free propaganda, people are being brought to feel that Biden is the better president.  Frankly, if almost 60% of Americans are willing to judge a president based on feelings, nothing more than feelings, we are not a healthy nation.

Image: Ascending graph by tswedensky from Pixabay.

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