The great (un)American experiment

A 2018 Pew Research poll revealed that a majority of Americans opposed the use of animals in scientific research. Opponents argue the practice is “inhumane and unnecessary.” While certainly an interesting topic of discussion and I’m certain the debate will rage on for years to come, I am more interested in another animal experiment that has gone on for the past year. I call it “the Great un-American experiment of 2020…and beyond.”

In this grand new experiment, humans, rather than mice or monkeys, were used as the test specimens. And in addition to being both inhumane and unnecessary, this experiment had the additional distinction of being unconstitutional. Our government discovered that they could seize Americans’ unalienable Rights in the name of public health and under threat of death.

Apparently, until COVID, in the history of the world, mankind has never before been faced with death and disease. Even though cancer and heart disease annually claim the lives of more than a million Americans, our Government told us that if we didn’t give up our Rights, more than a million Americans could die from COVID.

With the snap of their tyrannical fingers, a slew of unconstitutional mandates, and the aid of an undiscerning and dishonest “press,” our politicians achieved the previously unimaginable, but long desired, ambition to render the American citizen slave and themselves master.

In fact, the experiment has been so successful that Joe Biden and the Democrat party do not intend to stop their experimentation. They owe their debt of gratitude to the communist Chinese government, of course, which not only supplied them with the gift of COVID but has for years also generously lined the pockets of our “president,” Joe “who doesn’t know where he is” Biden.

This new 21st century un-American experiment has canceled out the American Experiment of the 18th century. While the Founding Fathers’ Experiment of the 18th century upended the notion that our Rights come from man and replaced it with the revolutionary belief that our Rights come from our Creator, our new anti-Founding Pronouns have restored the long-abolished stupidity that our Rights come from them.

But do not despair. While the COVID experiment may eventually end, there is a new experiment that will begin. As the threat of COVID wanes, the threat of manmade climate change regains its former preeminence. Just as mortality began with COVID, so too did Climate Change begin with man.

141 years of available temperature data studied from 5.45 billion years of earth’s existence provides conclusive and indisputable evidence that CO2 and man are responsible for temperature changes, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain, heat, and cold. Democrats tell us that if we do not continue to forfeit our unalienable Rights to the Government, we will all die.

Never mind that, in the 1970s, climate scientists predicted a new ice age and compared it to the threat of nuclear war, which never came.

Never mind that, in the 80s, they were forced to admit they had been wrong and changed their tune from the threat of a winter apocalypse to the threat of global warming.

Never mind that climate scientists’ predictions that the Maldives and Manhattan would join the lost city of Atlantis below the sea by 2018 never came true. This is irrelevant; a computer modeling mistake. Their prediction record is an embarrassing 0 for 1,000 but we’re told that’s no reason to doubt them.

Despite their best hysterical efforts, the apocalyptic threat of climate change over the decades just couldn’t muster enough fear to convince enough Americans to forfeit their freedom. Thankfully, COVID has shown them the way.

The COVID experiment that the abusive, amoral, and tyrannical scientists in our Government conducted has revealed that Americans are willing to give up their unalienable Rights if they are repeatedly told they will die – and, specifically, how many will die if they do not comply.

To quote the late, great Rush Limbaugh, “Do not doubt me.”

Time Magazine reported in an article published on August 6, 2020, that “if left unchecked, climate change could drive temperatures up to the point where they would lead to 85 deaths per 100,000 people globally per year by the end of the century. That’s more than are currently killed by all infectious diseases across the globe.”

You thought COVID was bad? Climate change is so much worse!

Some of you might say, “Isn’t this the same magazine that made both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin man of the year?” That is neither here nor there.

Climate change tyranny will promptly replace COVID tyranny. And since no one wants to die, we must all comply.

As the morally superior and tolerant Democrats dance cheerfully on the grave of the irreplaceable Patriot Rush Limbaugh, John Kerry is warning us that we only have 9 years to avert a climate crisis.

Is it me or is it ironic that as the Democrats swear CO2 is the poison that will end mankind, they also demand we wear two masks and breathe it in?

But all kidding aside, these people are insane, their ideas are dangerous, and if allowed to succeed, their tyranny will destroy more Americans’ lives than climate change and COVID combined.

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.

IMAGE: Odessa, Texas. YouTube screengrab.

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