The new administration and its supporters disdain the Constitution

As the Harris/Biden administration shows its power, it is the secular left that now steers the ship of state. With liberals running the show, there is no wellspring of morality. Good and evil are whimsical fantasies that have no real existence and morality is a construct of the individual to uphold their own beliefs or desires. If there is no God-given morality, then there can be no God-given rights. If there are no God-given rights, then we live and die as property of the state.

The current situation could not be further from the original intent of our Founding Fathers, but those holding the wheel are clearly pulling hard to port despite the huge rocks and warning buoys. They strive to make the state our god and then to exert godlike power over us.

It’s natural for people to be afraid or even terrified of absolute power -- even more so when it’s wielded with no moral compass. The gods of progressivism will return us to the unchecked and often malevolent power of dictators and authoritarians. Their claim to be pro-American and pro-democracy is belied by their actions. They stomp on the rights of the individual at every turn and they are not constrained by ethical or moral concerns. They thrive on fear and oppression.

The Declaration of Independence asserts that we have been endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Neither human beings nor their governments can revoke those rights because they are wrought by God and transcend the affairs of men. The individual citizen has been elevated above all the autocrats and their minions. The government and it’s bureaucracy answer to the people and not vice versa. This was the culmination of thousands of years of trial and error. It is the legacy that the Founders bequeathed to us.

We are now poised to abandon our colossally successful experiment in human freedom through neglect and moral depletion. As a nation, we have forsaken restraint and tolerated the corruption of the institutions that have sustained us.

Education has become indoctrination. Media is the state-sponsored ministry of conformity and the state itself seeks only unlimited power. The tentacles of this beast stretch out into many aspects of daily life. Churches have been forced to retreat into themselves and toe the government line. Sports and entertainment aid and abet the destruction of traditional American values in favor of a corrupted view of our history and nation.

An elitist cabal of deep state actors, “journalists,” technocrats, and academics have co-opted the young, the poor, and the dependent to be the foot soldiers and votes in a revolt against the American meritocracy and the once-thriving lifeblood of our country, the middle class. This new, would-be aristocracy wants to roll over and muzzle all opposition or to crush it out of existence.

The one thing that stands in their way is the very thing they hate the most and that which they routinely twist and distort to try and further their warped utopian dreams – the Constitution. As one of the world’s oldest governing documents, it has withstood the test of time. Whether it can withstand the dark night of the left remains to be seen.

Our society is nearing a precipice. We know what evils lie beneath and yet we continue down the path of least resistance that will eventually lead us over the edge. We are witnessing unprecedented attacks on our liberty, our ability to speak freely, our right to bear arms, religious freedom and, indeed, the entirety of our constitution and common law traditions.

It would serve us well to be afraid of this blight on our society but being afraid does not mean being cowed. It means we finally understand what we’re up against. We’re being pushed ever closer to the edge. They’re making our choice simple. We can push back or fall into the pit.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

IMAGE: Opening phrase of the Constitution. National Archives.

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