Oh, Xusana! Vermonters told racism trumps climate change!

Xusana Davis, Vermont’s newfangled “Executive Director of Racial Equity,” has chosen to butt her head against an implacable wall: global warming. Davis invokes race as the cause for every societal ill, including claiming poor white Vermonters discriminated against (nonexistent) blacks when they transferred their (historically worthless) lands “intergenerationally.” Now, she claims Vermont’s acclaimed plan to save the planet through a Global Warming Solutions Council is white supremacist…because it sets a deadline!

Davis either doesn’t credit AOC’s ten-year life expectancy for the planet, or she just wants to rearrange the deck furniture on the Titanic for BIPOC people while hitting the climate-catastrophe iceberg full speed ahead. Xusana appeared at a January hearing to demand that statutory mandatory carbon emission reduction timelines be extended to allow for racial tinkering:

Well, I’m going to say it, and you’re going to say, oh that’s not an option. But reconsider: Change the deadline. And I know what you’re thinking, this might require a long legislative process, or hey, but we set a date, and it’s what we wanted.

But here’s the thing, though. If we really want to do something right and do it equitably, we’re not going to have to remain beholden to a timeline that we ourselves made up and can change. So, I do urge you, if slowing down the process to perfect it will lead to equitable policies, then do that. Because that’s more important, I think, than the times we set for ourselves.

It is unclear what policies Ms. Davis seeks delay implementing. Perhaps she just wishes to hold Vermont hostage to climate annihilation long enough to “raise awareness” of the 4% of Vermont’s population that is BIPOC. Though, with all the hoopla about systemic racism and perverted statistics slandering Vermont’s entire law enforcement community as racist, Vermonters sure are woke and well aware of that 4% presence. As with this incident, it has taken priority over all else (including sanity).

Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act is an unconstitutional, ineffectual farce that grants huge powers to renewable energy interests at the expense of all taxpayers. Using the race card to slow or stop the GWSA boondoggle is, to date, the best use of racism on behalf of Vermonters. Nevertheless, it creates public friction within the social justice warrior camp -- who shall they rescue first? The marginalized ecosystem, or marginalized BIPOC?

Xusana sure doesn’t mince her volatile activist words when she’s laying out the inherent racism of white, virtue-signaling climate warriors:

That’s the most polite way that I can put it. Because other folks will phrase it as follows: other folks will phrase it as, deadlines are a tool of white supremacy. I don’t usually refer to deadlines as the tools of white supremacy, but deadlines often do reinforce a white supremacy culture that prizes itself more on the process than equitable outcomes.”

Xusana is always very polite when she says toxic things. (Other folks would phrase differently how she talks as, perhaps, a racist opportunist on a power trip, but I don’t talk that way. But such people do exist, or so I’m told….).

This revealing internecine conflict is a welcome exposé of the priorities that we’re going to face when diverting society’s resources en masse to conflicting “existential emergencies,” whether race, gender, or climate. One can only hope that the intersectionality of these supposed causes forces more reality-checks.  

For instance, the racial justice warriors have already dissed the feminists (or, at least the non-intersectional white ones; lesbians, not so clear yet). For a (white) woman to say “As a woman, I know what you go through as a racial minority,” is specifically labeled as an intolerable microaggression, because it is “a statement made when whites deny their racial biases.” It’s just so comforting to know that BIPOC people are not capable of racial bias, or accountable to anyone for any consciously racist thing they might unconsciously say. Free at last!

While the black and white ladies work out their doublespeak (with lesbians, and don’t forget transgenders, and Indians, and Jews) over who claims the higher social justice authority, at least Xusana Davis will block the implementation of Vermont’s white supremacist process at the expense of equitable outcomes! As a white (and Abenaki) Vermonter, I do not want Xusana Davis or anyone else to permit some looming planetary catastrophe to hinder the creation of a racial utopia in the Green Mountains for wronged BIPOC.

Oh Xusana, oh, don’t comply for me!

IMAGE: Xusana Davis. YouTube screengrab.

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