The Biden administration's dangerous and racist BREATHE Act

I just caught up with Y.G. Nyghtstorm's discussion of the BREATHE Act, the centerpiece of BLM's hard pressure on the American political scene.  It's ostensibly about limiting police brutality, but it actually pushes a comprehensive social agenda.  Not only will this agenda be hugely damaging to civil society, but it's also terribly racist in its approach to the Black community.

The BREATHE Act is a reference to the fact that George Floyd couldn't breathe while in police custody.  The act ignores the fact that Floyd's problem wasn't that the police suffocated him (they acted in complete accordance with guidelines for dealing with people suffering from drug-induced excited delirium), but that he was rapidly dying from a self-induced fentanyl overdose.  Instead, as Nyghtstorm explains, "While it's been presented as a civil rights bill to address police brutality, the BREATHE Act would actually impose a new, 21st-century segregation on society."

Biden has already enacted bits and pieces of the act through executive orders that defund private prisons, try to destroy suburbs with a push for high-density housing, and mandate Critical Race Theory training in the federal government.  The act will do more, much more, though.  Nyghtstorm sums up the Act's worst features:

Decriminalizing Prostitution and Sex Trafficking


Decriminalizing Failure to Pay Child Support


Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


Repealing Gang-related Offenses


Funding Abortion with Taxpayer Dollars


Teaching Our Kids in Schools that America Is Evil

Each of the "snips" in the above-quoted material deletes Nyghtstorm's discussion about that subject matter's specifics, as well as the harm it will cause.  I recommend reading Nyghtstorm's essay in full.  However, one doesn't need to get to too many specifics to realize that each idea is appalling.

Decriminalizing prostitution and sex-trafficking benefits pimps, organized crime, cross-border sex-traffickers, pedophiles, and all sorts of other people who profit from the human slavery that comes from engaging in the sex trade.  The BREATHE Act is also terribly insulting in that it presumes that Blacks are so deeply engaged in all these morally heinous acts that they'll be the ultimate beneficiaries of decriminalizing them.  How about uplifting Blacks so that the sex trade is not an option rather than racially insulting them with a law that benefits the worst among them?

Decriminalizing the failure to pay child support is another horrible message to the Black community.  Once upon a time, Blacks married at almost the same rate as whites, and men were their family's bread-earners.  With the Civil Rights Movement, well-meaning (and less-well-meaning) leftists went into Black neighborhoods and urged families to sign up for welfare as a form of reparations for all the decades and centuries of stolen labor.

That sounds good, but it essentially kicked Black men out of the home.  Women could get money from Uncle Sam without having to deal with the guy who leaves the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.  Black family life collapsed.

As for the men, too many of them, deprived of family ties and a reason to get up in the morning, drifted from woman to woman, fathering children as they went (and, incidentally, frequently abusing a woman's children by another man).  Telling men — primarily Black men — that they don't even need to make a pretense of supporting their offspring makes them completely useless.  What a horrible message.

Abolishing ICE means flooding poor neighborhoods, especially Black neighborhoods, with honest people competing for jobs and with dishonest and dangerous people happy to have new opportunities for preying on the innocent.  It's terrible for Americans as a whole and especially terrible for American Blacks.

I'm at a loss as to anything virtuous about repealing gang-related offenses.  Gangs are greater than the sums of their individual parts.  A boy at loose ends who's doing penny-ante stuff, after he joins a gang, is kicked up to the next level of crime.  These are the groups that terrorize primarily Black neighborhoods.

Funding abortion with taxpayer dollars is morally evil.  I don't need to expand on that.  But considering that Black women are disproportionately likely to abort their children, it feels very much as if the federal government is forcing all Americans to pay so that one racial segment can commit what I call "auto-genocide."  It's sick, it devalues human life, and it's racist.

As for teaching young people that America is evil, nothing good can come of that.  A nation that has aspirations and morals will be a good nation.  A nation that has no morals and believes itself to be evil will behave accordingly — and soon our federal government will mandate that nihilistic outcome.

I'll close with Nyghtstorm's words:

[E]very American needs to be informed and prepared to oppose these destructive policies if Joe Biden and Democrats try to advance them. The well-being of the black community and our combined American family depends on it.

Image: Police arresting woman.  YouTube screen grab.

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