The House passed the Equality Act, which now moves to the Senate

The House just passed the "Equality Act," which, if it becomes law, will elevate mental illness to a protected class, while turning women into second-class and often endangered citizens.  You'd think leftists would hate it for that reason, but they love it: it's America's version of Orwell's 2 + 2 = 5.

Biden reflected the left's obsession with transgenderism during his single town hall.  He made it clear he supports every eight-year-old boy's right to declare his womanhood.  That inevitably means supporting the boy severing body parts and taking dangerous hormones.

Leftists ignore that there isn't a scintilla of evidence to support transgenderism as a true genetic or biological phenomenon.  While a minute number of Americans are born intersex (having both male and female sexual organs), the vast majority of people are born with XX or XY chromosomes.  If the sexual organs with which they're born function correctly, they can provide either the sperm for babies or the eggs and incubation.  That is, after all, humans' primary biological function: to reproduce.

But people are complicated.  Same-sex attraction is as old as humans themselves.  It can come from proximity.  People lacking access to someone of the opposite sex will make do with someone of the same sex.  Sometimes it comes from early sexual imprints, including being a victim of same-sex pedophilia.  And sometimes it seems to be part of a person's development.  People with same-sex attractions, though, never doubt the sex to which they belong.

And then there's the feeling some people have that they're trapped in the wrong body.  Body dysphoria is most familiar because of anorexics.  These are normal people who starve themselves to death because they think they're fat.  We do not treat them with diet pills and stomach-stapling.

For some reason, though, when a troubled person claims he is really a member of the opposite sex, we take it seriously.  It cannot be serious.  Such people have no idea what it feels like to be the opposite sex.  That's why so-called transgender people always opt for stereotypes of the opposite sex, as was the case with Bruce Jenner's creepy Vanity Fair cover as a 1950s pin-up girl.  Jenner isn't a woman; he's a man who, instead of fantasizing about the pin-up girl, identifies with her — but that doesn't make him a pin-up girl (except for fetishists).

Usually, people who believe they are the opposite sex suffered severe childhood trauma that led them to want to escape from themselves or to imprint too strongly on a person of the opposite sex.  To the extent they may be people who have the wrong hormone balance for their biological sex  (which I suspect may result from women taking the Pill too near their pregnancy), it's more logical to give them hormones aligned with their sex than to opt for mutilating surgery and dangerous opposite-sex hormones.

That gets us to the Equality Act.  This act forces society to pretend at every level — birth certificates, health care, public restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams — that people who are in denial about their sex have in fact effected a magical transformation, realigning their DNA.

The people who will be hurt most will be women.  They'll be magically removed from any success in athletic endeavors, as men kick them off the medal podium; invade their bathrooms and locker rooms, even though some remain manly enough (or are magically lesbian enough) to rape women and girls; and line up for contract and employment opportunities reserved for women.  The Heritage Foundation has a list of just some of the other damage the act will do if it passes into law.

None of the above matters to leftists.  They are determined to recreate the world from the ground up, and what better way to do that than to detach vast numbers of people from the most fundamental thing they have, which is their own bodies — and then, having done that, to force everyone else in society to pretend that this detachment is natural and unquestionable, rather than a tragic delusion.

In Orwell's 1984, Winston Smith learns that the state proves its complete control over you by getting you not only to mouth 2 + 2 = 5, which people will do out of fear, but to believe it.  We're being taught to believe against all evidence and reality that XX chromosomes can equal boy, while XY chromosomes can equal girl.

Moreover, because sane people rebel against believing the manifestly impossible, the Equality Act allows leftists to root out the rebels.  Sen. Rand Paul is labeled "transphobic" for trying to get Richard Levine (AKA "Rachel" Levine) to disavow medicating and mutilating children, while Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is called an ignoramus for promoting biological sex.

With the Equality Act, you will be made to believe, or you will be destroyed.

Image: "No transgenderism" logo using public domain images.