A solution for female athletes

Ladies, if you are waiting around for our corrupt and co-opted two-tiered judicial system to grant you relief from the stupidity of gender fluidity, you will be waiting a long time, and your athletic careers will be over.

There really is only one solution for you, and you need to embrace that solution in your own capable hands:

At every meet or athletic event, you must walk up to the starting or competition line, and right before it starts, you lie down on the track and on the field and totally disrupt the event.  Then, most prominently and with as much fanfare as you, your families, your friends, and your classmates can muster, you walk off the field, leaving the loser males on the field to compete with no one but themselves.

In the '60s, we called this "passive resistance."  Destroying these events will drive the males out of them.  There is no science or "justice" that demands that males be allowed to compete against females athletically.  The concept is an artificial construct meant to divide us as a people.  There is no better way for a government to become fascist while people stand around with their fingers up their butts than the old concept of divide and conquer.

You cannot allow a brain-addled POTUS or his sad HHS appointee to deter you or disadvantage you.  If you want to take back female athletics, you will need to do it.

Midnight Rider is a pseudonym.

Image: Pixabay.

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