Why is a Democrat campaign committee thanking Fauci?

As I was viewing The Hill’s website a day after Joe Biden’s “inauguration,” an interesting ad popped up on the screen. It featured a smiling Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the caption read ‘Thank you, Dr. Fauci!’ along with a link to “sign the card.” And who created (and paid for) this ad? Curiously, it was a fundraising arm of the Democrat Party, namely the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Why would they congratulate Fauci? Could it be that they’re grateful for the massive in-kind campaign donation by his advocacy of a massive lockdown of the American economy in a presidential election year?

This isn’t the first time that Fauci has appeared in online ads paid for by Democrats. Despite Fauci’s protestations that he’s “not a political person,” he never told the Dems to cease using his photos in their fundraising ads. However, he did object to the Trump campaign using a video clip of one of his quotes.  Hmm…

More evidence of Fauci’s political shenanigans came when Fauci gave an interview in which he said that it’s “liberating” that he can “let the science speak” as an adviser to Joe Biden. What affirmative steps did the good doctor take during the pandemic to help bring about his “liberation” from President Trump?

We may find out somewhere down the road when some of Fauci’s subordinates will foolishly brag about how they politicized the pandemic in order to oust the ‘Bad Orange Man.’ The mainstream press either won’t cover that event or say that “it’s been debunked” and flush it down the Memory Hole ala the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Now Fauci makes no effort to hide the fact that he’s best friends with the Cuomo brothers (whom he’s known since they were children, by his own admission);

...And a Hillary Clinton admirer;

...And a “pal” to with Joe & Jill Biden.

Fauci has often said that we must “follow the science” in response to the pandemic. But in Fauci’s case, his “science-based” advice has mutated far faster than the virus.

At the end of February, he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that the mortality rate may be “considerably less than 1%” and “clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.” By April, he advocated a nationwide shutdown. And just before the election, he made another push for Americans to “hunker down.”

Given his close relationship with Democrats, perhaps we misinterpreted what Dr. Fauci meant by “follow the science.” I suspect he was following political science more closely than biological science.

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