After four years of Trump, the establishment is again pulling the same levers

Sometimes I think it’s all going according to a mad plan, that the country runs like a giant machine. The gears turn, the engine runs and what is produced is just right. Just enough war to enrich those meant to be enriched. Just enough strife to keep everyone in a kind of stasis. Just enough hunger to keep people off balance. Just enough crime to have a focus for our anger, deflecting it from its rightful place. The machine gears turn, the levers are pulled. Out pops the correct result.

Peace and prosperity are the bugaboos that stop the machine — man is meant to suffer, so that certain privileged beings can be masters of our universe. The illusion of self-government is just that – an illusion meant to placate the masses. When the machine slows, a little oil is pumped into the joints, and everything moves along just fast enough that you can’t see the motion.

Sometimes the machine breaks down temporarily. Someone, a Trump, for instance, comes along and gives us a hint that we can be more, not less. That we can find harmony with others, end the wars, provide our own energy, take care of our own people, and provide a better quality of life for all.

The Trump years were almost like the fairytale prince kissed the sleeping beauty, and the world woke up for a little while. But then the evil one is ascendant again, the wind howls, the machine makes fierce noises, and the good is drowned out and summarily buried.

Fairytales are based on realities. Good and evil exist, and the old trite truism, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is true for a reason. One cannot become all-powerful and remain human. One cannot have it all and still have compassion for the rest of humanity.

Bezos can be richer than anyone else, and yet not pay his workers enough to live without food stamps. The irony is lost on him that he is objecting to mail-in ballots for a union election! Jack Dorsey can declare Parler evil, when Parler has been frankly, boringly banal, yet he can’t acknowledge that ayatollah, pedophiles, anti-Semites, and anarchists post on his Twitter.

We can all pretend that Biden is speaking his mind, that he doesn’t have an earpiece, and that he’s not being told every second what to say – right until you see him saying “Salute the marines” instead of doing it.

We can pretend that he has an idea of what documents he’s signing with a flourish every day. But then you get the confusing directive to stop border deportations, and no way to implement the instructions. How do you do that? What do you do with the criminals you were going to deport? Damned if he knows!

You do realize, don’t you, he’s not made one single positive statement about anything since assuming the presidency? He’s taken no control, other than to scratch his pen against paper again and again. He’s talked of unity while following every instruction given to him to discourage it.

You can watch as, with a swipe of his pen, he destroys our energy independence. No more Keystone pipeline. Gone, 50 thousand jobs in a swoop. Oops, we need to set up a way to buy in our energy needs — from Russia and from Venezuela. We rejoin the Paris accord, which gives China and India a pass on energy improvements but places debilitating restrictions on our country. He’s mandated that illegal aliens be counted in the census, skewing the numbers, and he’s promoting something called ‘racial equity’ that I bet he couldn’t define. He’s letting boys compete as girls, an absolute affront to equity for girls and women.

I could go on. You all know the examples. The bottom line is, while we didn’t elect Biden per se, we still have him as the head of our government. To seal the deal, he and the technocrats have eliminated the First Amendment, and used force to silence dissent.

It’s time for the alternative universe to rise, the publishers that are not in the pocket of the left to print books, the truly free web to be recreated and compete with the left web, and the voices of those of us silenced, to be brave enough to speak. It’s not an easy task but somebody’s got to do it! And thankfully, America has enough creative and brilliant minds to make it work!

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