Why are Christians loyal to Trump?

A Christian friend of mine recently received a question from one of his Democrat friends.

"Why," asked the friend, "are Christians so loyal to Trump?"  My friend asked me to pen an answer.

I can tell you why I support Trump.  First, he opposes abortion.  I believe that a human life begins at conception and that we are obliged to do all we can to support a new life that God has created.  I do not believe that anyone has the right to end what God has begun.

Trump loves America.  His famous slogan, "Make America Great Again," shows us that he wants to make America better.  The Democrats mock that sentiment and seem to hate American history.  Obama claimed he wanted to transform America into something else.  America is made up of imperfect people.  We have not always lived up to our ideals, and we have made grievous mistakes, but we want a more perfect union where all can pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Trump's foreign policy has been supportive of persecuted Christians in parts of the world where Christianity is under siege.  Trump's foreign policy has been supportive of Israel, the birthplace of Christianity.

He supports the motto "In God We Trust."  He does not put his trust in big government, as his famous "Drain the Swamp" battle cry suggests.  He puts his trust in God and the American people.

I do not pretend he is perfect.  His comments have made me wince at times, but his actions make me proud to be one of his supporters.

Image: Pixabay.

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