A British expatriate can’t help but notice the left’s double standards

To speak of that Wednesday, 6 January, as if it never happened before, or that the months of “protesting,” rioting and looting, burning never happened, when nary a syllable against the damaging, often lethal lowlifes for seasons recalls Aldous Huxley’s dystopian The Doors of Perception. It was Sci-Fi in 1954. Now, not so much.

It’s not difficult to believe that the interested persons gave simoleons to hypothetical Antifa (their attire being the giveaway -- all-black with matching backpack and attitude) to hooliganize, break, enter, and diversify chaos and disorder. Hundreds of thousands gathered peacefully, only to be affected by a skein of thugs recruited with anonymized ducats to serve a radical philosophy. These weren’t the President’s conservative/Republican fans.

The neap tide of in-rushers was kitted with mufti to blend into thousands of unpaid supporters from all over, briefly en route to the Capitol. Caps, not MAGA. Colorful, but not patriotic red, white, and blue.

These black-clad, Confederate flag-wielding attackers were crude breakaways from the huge outside crowd that was peaceful and, true to form, mindful. All support rallies before this were sunnily ultra-peaceful. Clever signs dotted the crowd alongside loyal placards, saying “excuse me” and “Sorry!” if they bumped you.

Here, it was clear to sentient observers that agitators were hirelings. A second’s reasoning would yield the intel that regular Trumpers’d never misbehave to cast shade on their man.

Disturbing Congressional offices could not conceivably boost the repute of those who champion 45. Quite the contrary. Friends texted to express how “heartbroken” they were at the goings-on.

Heartsick at the wanton chutzpah and the terrible loss of life: a good veteran police officer, a decorated ex-military woman, and three regrettable medical causes. But Democrat accusers want nothing to do with documenting how Trump fans and conservatives aren’t culpable.

Trump’s. Speech Was. Not. An. Incitement. It was a thanks.

We listened twice to POTUS before the Capitol fracas. We heard nothing equivalent to MSM Poobah’s talking points. After mulling for a week whether to go, I decided against the drive.

But jittery Pelosi’s opportunistic leap, without an iota of proof, is a cruel, hackneyed “un-joke.” To those accusing nearly 75 million committed conservatives of heinous acts that left “blood on their hands” – No, not true.

If blood’s on any digits, look to the left’s overkill every day – for five years.

Sadly, the opportunistic, hysterical denial of process and justice, muffling legal remedy, is bolstered by the shabby denial of mountains of affidavits and other documented evidence imperiously dismissed. As a poll observer, I was warned when I tried to approach closer than eight feet and told to “move back” to observe ballots with 2-3 mm ovals, held for 2-3 seconds.

Given the months of blue-state sanctioned violence, with everyone from Biden on down either silent or encouraging, including at the four days of feather-duster conventioneering, the donkeys have lost their credibility. It took seasons for nominees to condemn the villainy of burning, looting, and mayhem of American cities.

Now, these same Democrats pile-on with absurd nuclear code warnings. They unconstitutionally invoke the 25th Amendment. It’s laughably absurd. And with seven days left, they want a second “impeachment.”

Partnering with hypocrisy, we seem to have mislaid out First Amendment somewhere. Has anyone seen it, near Pelosi’s torn-up copy of the President’s State of the Union address? And there’s Mayor Bowser speaking casually of DC as a state with herself as governor. That’s expressly negated in the Constitution.

This overhyped Dem reaction is unconducive to normalizing a decent process. Instead, there’s an overreaction as nobody yet knows who the perps even were and, odds are, they weren’t regulars supportive of the President.

Let’s investigate. The Democrats spent $36+ million investigating the unfounded Russian fabulation over years. Now it’s time to investigate for longer than three seconds the perpetrators, and only the perpetrators, of the heinous acts done in an afternoon.

What happened took mere hours, compared to hundreds of Antifa and BLM month-long sieges. Feckless blue mayors and governors endlessly refused National Guards to quell their violence. This is posturing defenestrate any comeback in a month. Or 2022, 2024.

Dem accusations and platform peevishness boost the distrust and create the unplumbable fear that will be longer-lasting than the upsetting violence on that January afternoon.

Had the Democrats shown in 2020, when faced with Antifa’s and BLM’s crushing rampages, a fraction of the choleric, sclerotic hysterics of the accusations they level at conservatives, they would have done wonders for Democrat credibility. Now, for patriots, they have none.

IMAGE: 2018 -- Thousands of anti-Kavanaugh protesters take over the Senate office building. YouTube screengrab.