Where do we go from here?

Just because I understand what can lead to violence, that does not mean I condone violence.  And just because I understand that Trump-supporters feel that everyone has betrayed them (which is probably true, because that's what politicians do), that does not mean I think that's a useful mental state moving forward.  We must rebuild a strong, constitutional movement that can pick up the pieces when the left implodes.  (And yes, I think it will implode.)

I'll start with that last point, the one that promises that the left will not be able to maintain its power forever.  Past leftist revolutionary movements have been coherent: the working class, the German people, or the peasants arrayed against the evil moneyed classes.

This revolution, however, has been led by the evil moneyed classes, almost all of whom, except for Oprah, are white.  They've cobbled together a revolutionary army by gluing together disparate groups of people who feel victimized, not by money, but by their own very distinct outlier identities: blacks, homosexuals, transgenders, Hispanics, women, handicapped people, Muslims, and on and on, as they divide themselves into ever smaller micro–victim classes.

This army was fine when it was driven by the frenzy to displace Trump and gain power (although the Muslims and the leftist Jews never did make common cause).  They've now attained the pinnacle.  They control the federal government.  Their problem is that they've never been coherent about anything but their unified hatred against Trump and Republicans.

With political power comes personal power and lots of money.  I foresee the same diversity they've championed on the path upward being their downfall as they fight over the spoils.  Indeed, I think the Squad is already plotting to toss Pelosi overboard.

We can and should assist with this breakdown.  For starters, if the Democrat party is going to live up to its ideals, every white person holding political power should step aside.

The fossils in Congress, the White House, and the corporate world did not earn that power.  They got it by reason of their whiteness and their manipulating systemic racism for their benefit.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Jeff Bezos, the Google guys, and all those others who used their white privilege to gain their wealth need to give up that money to those from whom they stole it.  This is their time to live up to their ideals, especially now that all the people they victimized through the whiteness have the power to make this equity a reality.

But what about the rest of us?  Yesterday, I talked about things we can do as individuals to bring about change.  Today, I want to talk about conservatives creating our own institutions.  It's through these institutions that we'll be able to gain power in America — and do consider that America has something unique, which is 50 states that can be the greenhouses for liberty.  Leftist states are horribly managed, and that will provide openings for solid, reputable, reliable liberty-based institutions.

In years past, we've all talked about conservative institutions, but we were (lots of friends and followers) and all the world's content is on YouTube.  We chose the easy paths.

Now, though, the easy paths are being closed to us.  They are silencing everything.  Even credit card companies are saying we cannot use them to buy guns — a constitutionally protected inherent right.  Maybe this will finally rouse us to put our energy into national organizations that support us, from political institutions to manufacturers to our own banking system.

Trump, who will have a target on his back if he remains in America, might want to decamp to some lovely tropical island and, once there, start a major media empire.  I've been trying for years (to no effect) to encourage wealthy conservatives to fund comprehensive media outlets that don't just have talk radio, but have entertainment, too – entertainment that subtly drives home points about liberty, equality, hard work, and the Constitution.

Open warfare is the answer only if you're comfortable with ending up like Syria in a matter of months.  It's not just a last resort; it's a last, last, last, and then still more last resort.  The answer now is to mirror 60 years of slow but inexorable leftist incursions in America and change it around with many years (yes, it's a long process) of inexorable constitutional incursions.

Image: Conservative Credit card by aoguerrero; edited by Andrea Widburg.  Public Domain photo via Good Free Photos.

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