Oh Ze, where art thou?

My evening softened quietly enough, relaxing after a busy day and binge-watching The Great British Baking Show.  Then a friend texted thanks for sending her Bookworm's hilarious joke from John Fraim.  Anne and I met more than 40 years ago.  I've always admired her for her grace, her beauty, and especially her wit.  It's all her fault, what follows.  She started it.

A — Just waiting for Pelosi to refer to the Founding Fathers as the Founding Parental Figures.

Anony Mee — Founding Progenitors?  We, the ideological offspring?  Spousal Units?  How stupid we must seem to every race on Earth that has gender-designated nouns.

Anne — Well, the Dems can just cancel those countries.


Anne — They Scouts?  And how about "It Ain't Heavy, It's My Sibling?"

Anony MeeOh Ze, Where Art Thou?

Anne — I was going to say Oh Sibling.

Anony Mee — "Mztr, can you spare a dime?"


Anne — Let's not forget "Parent Time" and "Parent Nature."

Anony Mee — Dems are so dreary.

Anne — "It's Raining People Who Identify as Male."

Anony Mee — Sorry, not going to give up "It's Raining Men."  Got to draw a line somewhere.

Anne — "Persons Assigned as Female at Birth Just Want to Have Fun."

Anony Mee — "Out of Many Genders One Moronocracy."


Anne — "One small step for Them, one giant leap for Theykind."

Anony Mee — Can I share some of these?

Anne — Absolutely.  Just give They credit.


Anne — I guess the Dems can't celebrate women anymore because that's a gender.

Anony Mee — But, but, but it was one of only two criteria to be Biden's running mate!


It turned serious, but only for a moment.  

Anony Mee — I love language. It can be romantic and savage and so delicately nuanced.  These twits have no concept of the power of precise words.  They think they can redefine fluidly, as they will, and that the rest of us will just hop on for the ride.

Anne — Not happening.


Anne — Ryan is getting an A in Theystory.

Anony Mee — Felonious micro-aggressive verbal assault will carry a life sentence of penury and shame.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant and just couldn't help Zerself.

Image: Gender-neutral sign.  Public Domain.