Trump-hating Lincoln Project announces it's assembling a blacklist

Remember the Trump-hating Lincoln Project? That was the big-dollar NeverTrump group that included among its luminaries George Conway, the unhinged Trump-hating husband of the unfortunate Kellyanne Conway. They included many Dubya Bush administration operatives who'd been left out of the Trump administration and wanted revenge. Their loathing of Trump only got greater after that, and they threw their support to Joe Biden, raising $78 million and creating extremely nasty presidential campaign ads to take down Trump. They worked closely with Democrats and took their money, promising to help peel away Republicans to help Joe Biden. When that didn't happen and Trump increased his share of the Republican vote, leftists, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, questioned giving money to the group as a ripoff.

They're now back to their old tricks in the post-election, with a new game to please Democrats: creating blacklists. They've announced they've compiled a databasee of all Republicans who worked for President Donald Trump with the aim of ensuring they never land jobs in the private sector.


Isn't the victory of Joe Biden enough for them? Not in the least. They're like a monster that just needs to keep feeding and growing, in order to keep the money and contracts rolling in. More about that in a minute.

Two things leap out from this vile, creepy project. On Twitter -- see the thread here -- one person after another could compare it to the kinds of things Nazis did. Here is a sample: "How very fascist of you." --  "Good idea! Make a list, and make them wear special badges, so you know who are unpure It’s becoming blindingly apparent that the reason that the left was so hell-bent on accusing [their] detractors of racism and fascism, is so that they could implement it without any [impediment]." --  "The Chicoms were your inspiration." -- "Oh lookit. A Black List and everything. Guess we really didn’t learn anything from Stalin and McCarthy." -- "The true Fascists are showing their face now. Only true Fascists draw-up a #blacklist of their political opposition and pursue them. Duly noted in history. #Fascism" -- "And those asterisks will be shaped like yellow stars." -- "Will the officials involved all get matching arm tattoos and their own special place to live? Asking for a friend." 

If this isn't the sort of thing Nazis, or their collaborators looking to make friends did, what is? If this isn't the act of a vengeful Marxist dictatorship, what is? How is this not like 'The Lives of Others'? How does this not resemble Venezuela's Hugo Chavez regime's "Tascon List"? And as many observers noted, there are some remarkable similarities to what goes on in Red China. Many of those observers cited the era of Chairman Mao, but they could have at least as relevantly cited China's infamous current "social credit system," a comparable blacklist to ensure dissidents don't get jobs, or even train seats, given Twitter's curious subservience to China.

The other thing that stands out is that this thing has popped up before. Just a few months ago, a strange anonymous group called the "Trump Accountability Project" announced that they, too, were forming a blacklist of all Trump supporters who worked in his administration, same as the Lincoln Project. The Daily Caller found links in that group to Media Matters founder, David Brock, whose stock in trade is the smear. The public reaction to this vile blacklisting project was so bad the group shut itself down.

Now, it seems, the Lincoln Project is picking up the torch, converting itself to a repugnant fascist-style group, harassing Trump officials even after they are long out of power.  Perhaps George Conway wants to keep Kellyanne in the kitchen.  

Are the two groups related? Apparently they are, in that they share donors. There certainly is a common thread in the same donors giving to Lincoln and giving to Brock. According to BloombergQuint, writing last year:

A super political action committee founded by Republican opponents of President Donald Trump and another group supporting former Vice President Joe Biden each raised more than more than $10 million in the second quarter, in some cases by relying on the same deep-pocketed donors, according to their latest filings with the Federal Election Commission. The Lincoln Project, founded by a group of Republican operatives including George Conway, the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, brought in $16.8 million. AB PAC, the super-PAC arm of American Bridge 20th Century Foundation, which was co-founded by David Brock, a one-time conservative journalist, topped $10 million. Both are running ads attacking Trump, including in battleground states.

Stephen Mandel, the founder of hedge fund Lone Pine Capital, gave $1.5 million to AB PAC and $1 million to the Lincoln Foundation. Bain Capital Inc. co-Chairman Joshua Bekenstein and his wife Anita Bekenstein each gave $375,000 to AB PAC, while Bekenstein donated $100,000 to the Lincoln Project.

It signals there is a deep state of billionaire political donors and they have some fascist inclinations.  Focusing on the job prospects of these low-level Trump officials and starting a blacklisting project suggests some extremely malevolent conversations going on somewhere.

The Trump Accountability Project shut down its operations based on public revulsion. Not so the Lincoln Project, though. It doesn't bother them a bit that their tactics mirror fascists and the public is pointing it out. They don't mind at all being called McCarthyites, communists, Chavistas or Nazis.

This rather tells you some very repugnant dynamics are going on. These are mean, vindictive, people. Another creepy group that came and went, the Transition Integrity Project, had a leader who called for the execution of a former Trump administration national security project offical.  Lincoln Project and the Transition Integrity Project are known to share some leadership.

The Lincoln Project was stung mightily by AOC's allegations that they were a worthless waste of money for Democrats. Instead of considering that, they now seek to make themselves useful in rat-like weakling ways, by playing the Democrats' snitch. That takes heat off the Democrats for their nefarious vengence plans and pins all of the vile blacklists on "Republicans."

The dirty details just go on and on. Whatever is going on here, the bankrollers of this and partisan smear artists propelling it are covered in slime and liking it. Anyone near them should beware.

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