The vanishing vote problem may have struck again in Georgia

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that it’s a strong (very strong) indicator of fraud when votes suddenly vanish from a candidate’s tally. There’s currently unrefuted evidence that this happened to Trump in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. Now, there’s evidence (which still needs to be corroborated) that it happened to David Perdue in his race against the Democrat nonentity, Jon Ossoff.

I’ve written twice about the vanishing vote problem (here and here). Here’s the recap: Voting is an additive process. Every ballot cast adds one vote for the candidate named on the ballot.

There is no such thing as a “negative” or “-1” ballot. That is, I don’t hand in a ballot that says. “Not Candidate A” and then watch a vote subtracted from Candidate A’s tally.

Likewise, there is no such thing as a “vote transfer” ballot. I don’t get to hand in a ballot asking that a vote for Candidate A be taken from him and transferred to Candidate B.

The only direction votes can go is up. They can go slowly or quickly, or stop moving entirely, but they cannot move backward.

An organization called the Data Integrity Group, made up of scientists, engineers, and data analysts, has been carefully going through election tallies in all the contested states. In the links I gave above, the group shows that votes that had accrued to Trump in both Georgia (tens of thousands) and Pennsylvania (hundreds of thousands) either vanished entirely or magically moved to Biden. To date, I’m unaware of any information contesting this finding.

When you think about it, you can understand why vanishing votes is a thing. At the end of the day, we know how many people have voted in a given precinct. For example, if it’s a small precinct with 100 people, there can be only 100 ballots.

Suppose that Trump is leading in that precinct, but that the Democrats want Biden to win. If they can control the count, they have only two choices so that they end up with only 100 ballots at the end of the day: (1) They can invent fake votes for Biden, in which case they have to delete an equal number of real votes from Trump, or (2) they can simply transfer Trump’s real votes to Biden. And that’s why the vanishing votes matter.

This poster helps you understand why recounts don’t fix this problem:

With this information in hand, will you be surprised to learn that David Purdue might have lost 5,000 votes in Georgia? This is not corroborated information, but people watching CNN and ABC news noted the exact moment at which the vote tally (which comes from a third party – usually Edison) suddenly dropped 5,000 Purdue votes:

And just so you keep those warm snugglies about the continued election integrity in Georgia, Democrat-leaning Chatham County stopped counting votes with thousands left uncounted:

This is a replay of what happened simultaneously, for the first time in American history, on election night in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada.

Suspicious minds might believe that the votes stopped being counted then to figure out how to offset Trump’s massive lead with faked votes and vote switches. That may explain why Biden’s leap to the top in the middle of the night was statistically unlikely to the point of impossibility:

You might also find interesting the fact that DeKalb count is re-scanning ballots because of “memory card issues.”

Now, isn’t your confidence in American election integrity restored? The one thing we know for sure is that, one way or another, January 6 is going to be a date for the history books.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

IMAGE: David Perdue’s votes vanish. Twitter screengrab.

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