Pierre Delecto gets booed by constituents at the airport and on the plane

Mitt Romney is a jealous, Trump-hating, self-important sort, so it was just a little amusing to learn he had been hounded at the Salt Lake City airport, and then booed on the flight to Washington.

According to Fox News:

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, was confronted by supporters of President Trump on Tuesday while waiting for a flight at an airport and during the flight, according to videos circulating on social media. 

"Why aren’t you supporting President Trump?" asked one woman, who approached Romney while he sat in the airport waiting area using his iPad, noting that she would agree to put on a mask because she wanted to have a "chat" with him. 

"I do agree with many of the things he is for, and I support those things," the Utah senator replied, in reference to the president.

She asked if he would support Trump and some Republican lawmakers’ efforts to overturn President-elect Biden’s win by blocking the Senate's certification of the Electoral College votes. 

"No," he replied. "It’s a long story, but we have a Constitution; the Constitution process is clear. I will follow the Constitution, and I will explain all that when we meet in Congress this week."

Here's the Twitter video:


After he walked away from the hecklesome woman, it got worse for him as he got onto the plane only to be the target of mass passenger chants of "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!"


Which is amusing, given Romney's inflated self-esteem. Romney is the man of the failed Republican establishment, the one President Trump upended. 

He's also an amazing hypocrite, claiming as always to be the man of the establishment ("that's not how the Constitution works"), yet doing this on an amazingly sandy ground in that he voted, with crazed, partisan Democrats, to impeach President Trump. He doesn't have a leg to stand on with that one. He sided with the nuts against Trump. That would be the same President Trump who endorsed and campaigned for him, Mitt not being famous for his gratitude. Now Romney's voting to endorse Biden, again against his Trump-supporting Senate colleagues, in a nakedly fraudulent election, puffing himself up as the establishment again, but in reality, burning with bitterness that it was President Trump who got elected in 2016, while voters rejected Romney in 2012.  

The rabidly left Daily Beast summed up what they thought was happening (language warning, they've gone well beyond 'deplorables' now):

President Donald Trump promised that Wednesday’s planned MAGA protests in Washington, D.C. would be “wild”—and his prediction has already come true, with his supporters acting like zoo animals as they set off on their pilgrimage to the a[******* edited] jamboree in the capital.

Several videos show confrontational Trump supporters misbehaving in airports and planes Tuesday night. The MAGA hordes are descending on Washington for a mass Jan. 6 protest to voice their anger that President Donald Trump lost the election, and then failed in his relentless and egregious attempts to overturn his resounding defeat.

Some Twitter Democrats tut-tutted the Trump Republicans for their bad manners, but that was disingenuous. They made hay on harassing and threatening Republicans all through the summer, looting, rioting and burning ... and somehow that's what got them on top now. Kamala Harris even cheered the rioters and said the looting would go on ... and look where she is.

Will it work for Republicans? Let's just say that Republicans in ballot-harvesting California learned to play the Democrats game by the Democrats' rules far better than the Democrats did this time around.

Yes, harassing people in airports is something hippies used to do and perfectly characteristic of leftists today in their tactics. What's good for the goose is one argument, now that the left is the establishment. But it's also the result of frustration because legal means of redress for a fraudulent election have been dismissed or ignored without any meaningful hearings. When grievances fail to be redressed, wildcat tactics follow.

Others noted that something bigger was going on and the lines to the Trump rally were already a mile long. A mass movement seemed to be brewing and maybe new party, without RINOs like Mitt, was in the works.

Lara Logan summed up what she thought it was all about:

That tells us a lot about why Mitt Romney was the Trump activist movement's perhaps first target. They are threatening to primary all Republicans who fail to challenge the clearly fraudulent election, and the failure of the establishment to so much as hear their petitions. Mitt will be nursing his wounded ego for now, but can take comfort that it's likely more RINOs will follow.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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