The Lincoln (in name only) Project

There is a group of malcontent Republicans who have the chutzpah to call themselves the Lincoln Project.  Since Lincoln is the hero of the Republican Party, they think they can cleverly claim some of his glory by using his name.  Lincoln is a hero because he led the nation through the Civil War and managed to preserve the Union.

Lincoln is also great because of his attitude toward the soon to be defeated Confederates.  Speaking of the Southerners in his second inaugural address, he said we must welcome them back into the Union, "[w]ith malice towards none and charity for all."  The Lincoln Project's doxxing of Trump's election lawyers' phone numbers and email addresses was too much even for Twitter.  And now it seeks to blacklist employees of the Trump administration, preventing them from earning a living.

The Lincoln project is to Lincoln what Naugahyde is to leather.  Lincoln is remembered for his compassion, and they will be remembered, if they are remembered at all, as disloyal posers.  The Lincoln Project are LINOs, Lincoln in name only.

Ned Cosby is a retired H.S. English teacher, a preacher of the Gospel, and a Coast Guard veteran. 

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