At least robber barons of old wanted American power and prosperity

The robber barons of the 19th and early 20th centuries were people like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts.  The robber barons of today are the people who control Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. 

The robber barons of the past greatly enriched themselves by monopolizing oil and railroads.  Their products greatly enriched all of America and with capitalism, allowed the U.S. and its people to become the greatest economic powerhouse in the world in less than two centuries.  Oil is the power that allowed the U.S. to thrive.  It greatly improved productivity and efficiency, and crude oil is used in thousands of products.  The wealth achieved because of oil is immeasurable.  The quality and length of life greatly improved after the advent of oil.  Life expectancy doubled since the advent of oil. 

At least John D. Rockefeller brought light to the world (via Pinterest).

The robber barons of today greatly enrich themselves by controlling the information reaching others.  They are willing to destroy individuals and businesses if they get in their way as they seek power and control over us.  They will gladly bankrupt and decimate companies and individuals, not because of violence, nor language, nor facts, nor science.  They seek to destroy others purely because of ideology.  If people don't vote or think the way they do, they are disposable.

These robber barons become massively richer the longer the economy is closed and decimated by tyrannical politicians.  The monopolists support the politicians who keep the economy closed and support an increasingly greater push to move toward socialism and control of all aspects of our lives.

Throughout 2020, the social media monopolists allowed violent leftist groups to use their platforms to organize and foment violence.  Not only weren't they blocked by these companies that shut off Parler, Trump, and others, but the tyrants from these companies gave the violent groups millions of dollars to support their cause as they destroyed businesses, cities, and churches and harmed cops.

For the last four years, most of the media and other Democrats spread the lies that Trump was an illegitimate president, that he was a pawn of Putin, that he colluded with Russia, and that the election was stolen.  Not once did the robber barons who control Google, Twitter, and Facebook seek to block any of these known lies.  Not once did we read in the WaPo or NYT that these known liars were threatening the Constitution.  Nope, most of the media participated in spreading the fictional propaganda.  Mark Zuckerberg contributed hundreds of millions to get-out-the-vote efforts in heavily Democrat areas in 2020 as he interfered in the election.  These robber barons are much more dangerous to our election integrity than anything Russia, Iran, or China has ever done.

In 2017, Democrats took to the floor to protest electoral votes and complained about election fraud, and no one cared.

For four years, Trump and his supporters have been called racists, xenophobes, sexists, and homophobes by most of the media and other Democrats — and they have never been cut off by the robber barons despite their intentional language to foment hate and division.

The media and other Democrats, including Biden, have been allowed to spread intentional lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville, and they have never been cut off for ginning up hate and division.

The media and other Democrats have intentionally spread lies about Ferguson, Missouri to gin up hate and violence against cops, and no one was blocked.

Russians, the Chinese and Iranians can say any vicious thing about Americans on the robber barons' platforms, and they are not blocked.

Entertainers and athletes can post violent songs, movies, TV shows, and rants against Trump and his supporters, and they are not blocked.

Bill Gates and others, who live in multiple mansions and fly in private jets, can lecture the poor and middle class that their gas cars and trucks are destroying the planet.  Not once have Bill Gates and others been asked to give scientific evidence to support the causation between oil and temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity.  Instead of science and facts, what we get is pure indoctrination from the robber barons and others as they seek to control us.  They are not blocked by the social media as they spew forth their load of misinformation.

But if the president or others say anything that challenges the election of the candidate the robber barons campaign for and contribute to, they are intentionally silenced.

If a media outlet reports a fact-based story about the corruption of Biden and his son, the story is blocked from public view purely because it might harm them before the election.  The thought police are dangerous to our long-term survival as a great country.

The trampling of the Constitution has been going on for a long time with the help of the compliant puppet journalists and the robber barons.

When the Obama/Biden administration and Senate Democrats used the IRS to violate the free speech and freedom of association rights of their political opponents, no one but conservatives cared.

When the Obama/Biden administration used the intelligence agencies to illegally spy on thousands, no one but conservatives cared.  Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen were disposable.

When the Obama/Biden Justice Department, EPA, and CFPB shook down corporations, established slush funds, and used taxpayer money to give kickbacks to political supporters, no one but conservatives cared.

When the corrupt Obama/Biden Justice Department used massive taxpayer resources to take out Trump and protect career criminal Hillary from prosecution, no one but conservatives cared.  Journalists and the robber barons not only didn't care, but were willing accomplices.

A speaker of the House who ripped up the State of the Union speech on national television and allows a Democrat who hung around with a Chinese spy to remain on the Intelligence Committee is delusional, deranged, unhinged, and dangerous.  In the summer of 2020, she didn't care as violent leftists destroyed cities and businesses.  She didn't care as they burned things down and destroyed statues.  She said people will do what they do.

She and the Democrats have wanted to destroy Trump since before he took office, and the truth never mattered.  The endless quest for impeachment shows a person with major mental issues.  A person that outlaws words like mother, father, sister and brother is many bricks short of a load.

People like Pelosi and Schumer, who cheered as the economy was shut down yet blocked aid to businesses and individuals because of their unending quest for power, are unfit to serve in any capacity, let alone judge others.

A person who has no idea that natural gas is a fossil fuel should not talk about science or facts and should never be third in line for the presidency or be responsible for legislation.

The journalists and robber barons who are willing to trample on the Constitution are the greatest existential threat to our survival as a great country.  The only time they care about the poor, the middle class, minorities, and the less educated is when they are pandering and lying as they beg for votes.