The beginning of Democrat Weltschmerz

As Monica Showalter wrote in a funny American Thinker piece titled “Sunday Schadenfreude” describing a Vogue magazine cover of Kamala Harris “ looking like a clown in a suit” I think she is on to something in using big words from the German lexicon.

Consequently, I would like to reflect on evolving events from the 2020 election big steal by using another illuminating German word, Weltschmerz.  

But first, what is with those wacky Germans in having common word usage of such a terms as schadenfreude and weltschmerz?  Weltschmerz means “world weary” or “world pain,” and I suspect many already in the Democrat Party are suffering or will soon suffer weltschmerz.

Take Hillary Clinton, I suspect there is not enough Chardonnay or whatever else she drinks.

I suspect that every morning she wakes up and bam! bam! bam! reality hits her consciousness; lightweight senile corrupt plagiarist Joe Biden is to be president and it was her turn for a second term.

Well, boo hoo hoo, what the hell happened?  Imagine the dialogue (I'm speculating, of course)

Goddamn it. are you listening to me Bill! I would not change a day of my life.

I can easily tell HRC what happened; Obama’s Chicago criminal outfit, out-corrupted even earlier attempts by the Clinton crime family to steal a presidential election. This is true even though Clinton, Inc. had an early advantage and much success in the 1996 “Year of The Rat," (a book I wrote) by accepting the illegal ChiCom money flowing to Clinton Inc. and the Democrat party.

(Editor's note: 2020 was also a Year of the Rat.)

However, to HRC's everlasting grief, her political team fell way short in 2016 only to watch the 2020 Obama/Biden Democrat syndicate of fixers successfully execute a plan of criminal brilliance. The great cliché applies: “Never steal anything small.”

Inside the Democrat party, actually much like establishment never-Trump  deep-state Republicans,  one should make no mistake: many are often proven to be very miserable, greedy for money and power, truly nasty humans, so the coming internecine Biden administration will feature fights that will be spectacular. Weltschmerz strikes again.

Just one recent example:

By all accounts, the Honorable Michele Flournoy has paid significant dues and had been very successful in national security assignments. She had been considered for the position of first female secretary of defense.

Michele Flournoy, considered a frontrunner candidate, served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2012 where she managed nearly 1,000 people.

A Harvard and Oxford graduate, Flournoy’s views on international affairs may be what Biden is looking for, but her recent experience as head of WestExec Advisors, where she deals with Fortune 100 companies may not put her in the best light with progressives.

And there it is, the first of many ideological purity tests, a weltschmerz moment “not put her in the best light with progressives.”

Expect these people -- progressives and trough-feeders to fight, triggering a never-ending cycle. If that isn't world-weary, nothing is.

But there's more -- consider the execution of affairs of state. Both Biden and Trump have ignored the time-honored tradition of civilian control of the military; remember President Trump’s four star “Mad Dog,” who proved himself more a  “little Mac” Jim Mattis? As for Biden, now a Democrat-favored retired four star Army general, Lloyd Austin, is set to get the slot if Congress approves a waiver and the Senate then will confirm him as SecDef. Biden will likely have the same kinds of problems. That's more weltschmerz right there.

Austin indeed had a track record of military service and one incident may capture with many in the military and veteran community another appropriate German word: “Fremdschämen.” That's a unique German word meaning to be ashamed for someone else.

Here's why I think so:

General Lloyd Austin, the commander of U.S. Central Command leading the war on ISIS, told Congress today that only "four or five" of the first 54 U.S.trained moderate Syrian fighters remain in the fight against ISIS.

I guess the General did not ask a combat sergeant before testifying about that “four or five.” 

Imagine the conversations:

Sergeant how do I count how many are fighting ISIS?

Well, sir,  it is very simple: Invite them to a luncheon combat briefing and count how may MREs (meals ready to eat) you need to feed them.

This is just the beginning of many potential and wonderful-to-behold moments of Democrats and the Biden administration which are bound to be coming ahead.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain

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