Some questions the Democrats must have asked themselves in 2020

The Democrat-media complex embarked on a complicated course of action when Donald Trump was elected president.  There were many questions in their minds about possible strategies to regain power.  Most of the strategies involved deception or relied on the incompetence of their adversaries.  There were risks of failure in these actions.  In fact, as you look at the questions below, you will assume that there was a very high risk of failure. Let's consider some of the questions they would have faced: Can we sell the "Trump is a traitor" lie, saying he collaborated with Putin to steal the election?  Can we continue to sell that lie even after a 40-million-dollar investigation found that it was false? Can we sell the lie that borders for a country are racist and that Trump and his supporters are racist for wanting a secure border? Can we sell the lies that Trump refuses to condemn neo-Nazis...that he says...(Read Full Post)