Some questions the Democrats must have asked themselves in 2020

The Democrat-media complex embarked on a complicated course of action when Donald Trump was elected president.  There were many questions in their minds about possible strategies to regain power.  Most of the strategies involved deception or relied on the incompetence of their adversaries.  There were risks of failure in these actions.  In fact, as you look at the questions below, you will assume that there was a very high risk of failure.

Let's consider some of the questions they would have faced:

Can we sell the "Trump is a traitor" lie, saying he collaborated with Putin to steal the election?  Can we continue to sell that lie even after a 40-million-dollar investigation found that it was false?

Can we sell the lie that borders for a country are racist and that Trump and his supporters are racist for wanting a secure border?

Can we sell the lies that Trump refuses to condemn neo-Nazis...that he says "they are good people"...that Trump and his followers are white supremacists?  Will this tired old lie still work to create the racial animosity that we desire?

Can we safely ignore any acknowledgment of Trump's successful policies, or will our bias be too obvious?  Can we ignore all the good things that happen with the economy and foreign affairs?  Can we ignore the fact that Trump is doing what he was elected to do, and it is working?

Can we pretend Trump is committing an impeachable offense by expressing concern about political corruption in Ukraine involving the Biden family?  After all, Joe Biden is on video bragging about threatening Ukraine with withholding money unless they stopped investigating the company his son "worked" for.  Burisma had purchased American foreign policy with the money it gave to Hunter.  Can we get away with pretending Trump is the guilty party here, not Biden?

Can we get away with making the absolutely preposterous claim that Hunter Biden's laptop, and all the corroborating information around it, is simply "Russian disinformation"?  Then can we just walk away from this shocking story as though it didn't exist?  Joe "the Big Guy" Biden's presidential dreams rest on successfully hiding this proof of his corruption.  But is this deception even possible?

Can we run a presidential campaign without an actual campaign?  Can we keep the candidate hidden away from any tough questions, never asking for elaboration on important policy issues?  Can we pretend our candidate, who has trouble filling a high school gym with supporters, broke all records of enthusiastic support with his voter turnout?

It will be very important not to allow in-depth analysis of thoroughly irrational policies like "The Green New Deal," or "open borders with free health care for all."  Can we just pretend Biden's people can vote to control the world's climate and that Democrats have a secret way to provide free stuff for everyone?  Are our voters really that ignorant about how the world works?

Can we organize a nationwide campaign to weaken election laws, especially in some key battleground states?  The Constitution requires that only state legislatures can make election law.  Can we just ignore that and get away with it?  Can we print millions of unrequested mail-in ballots, ignore signature verification, ignore chain-of-custody rules, and inhibit oversight by Republican poll-watchers?

In the face of an enormous amount of evidence of election fraud, can we just keep saying, "There is no evidence of voter fraud"?  Can we just ignore the hundreds of sworn affidavits made by people who observed the fraud?  Can we say that people who are concerned about fraud are "undermining democracy" when it is the fraud itself that undermines democracy?

Can we count on Republican "leaders" to be so extremely inept and clueless that they do nothing about the unconstitutional changes in election laws?  Can we count on them to do nothing about the censorship of conservatives by our social media allies?  Can we count on them to roll over easily on the issue of voter fraud, getting them to ignore the fact that once vote fraud is accepted, nothing else matters?

We now know the answer to all of these questions. 

The answer is yes.  Yes, they did do all of that, and it appears that they did it successfully.

The end.

Image via Pickpik.