Moving forward, Democrats will own what’s coming down the pike

The Democrats currently think they own America, the world, and the future. However, their double standards and despotic demands will not create a quiet, easy-to-govern populace. In addition, when things go sour – and history tells us that they will – Democrats will own the consequences.

David E. Attwood argues compellingly that, as long as Republicans believe the election system is broken, they will not be able to forgive or forget the last election. In fact, for Republicans, the troubles go far deeper: Cancel Culture. Statue Toppling. Mass censorship. Foul demonization by our Fifth Column Fourth Estate. Anti-white racism masquerading as equality. Two standards of justice, with Antifa rioters given carte blanche to fly around the country and instigate riots, only to be bailed out by NGOs like the Minnesota Freedom Fund or revolving-doored by leftist DAs who drop even the most violent of felony charges. Conversely, those who merely attended the Capitol “Insurrection” and who were never arrested or charged are now being fired, cut off of critical services, or put on no-fly lists. 

Most troubling to me are so-called news people like Eugene Robinson and ABC’s Rick Klein calling for the rehabilitation and re-education of 75 million Trump supporters and the “cleansing” of Trumpism by force, a troubling word that should give every American who hears it pause. And all that’s just for starters.

We used to say that kind of behavior is un-American but is it really now? The mass blacklisting, banning, public shaming, and booting unsavory political types (i.e. Trump supporters) from their jobs seems to be going mainstream. It all makes McCarthyism look like kindergarten play by comparison.

It gave me great pleasure and some hope when taxpayer-employed PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller was fired after being caught on video by Project Veritas uttering one of the most horrible political diatribes any prominent American has ever spewed. I remain troubled, though, that it’s possible that PBS not only knew of Mr. Beller’s horrifically un-American views but eagerly shares them, and on our dime.

But Democrats will have far more problems than just angry conservatives and Trump supporters. What happens when the next black man or woman is shot by the police? It will happen, sooner or later. 

Do Democrats allow their cities to burn once again, angering their core constituents? Or, sans the Trump scapegoat, do they crack down like stormtroopers on the rioters? What then? You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out.

Democrats may think they now hold both America and the world by the balls. In fact, they are about to mount a very angry and unruly tiger that will devour them if they fall off of it. We saw waves of bombings in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly from the left.

In today’s unstable environment political violence could come from both extremist fringes of the political spectrum now, with greater devastation. For example, a paranoid 63-year-old IT geek just blew up a street in Nashville on a twisted whim. At least he gave warning, and he was just one man. I don’t want or wish for any of that to happen, but I can do political math based on historical precedent, and historical math is both cruel and unforgiving.

I have never feared for this country’s future as I do now. That said, I will now return to my regular life if it can be called such these days. I choose to exercise the greatest American right of all, the right to be left alone.

In closing, I served on the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV-41) in 1982 when we came across a thousand Vietnamese Boat People in the South China Sea. We pulled them out of their crowded boats and set up a private enclave for them in the hangar bay. I know only too well the foul communist ideology that drove those poor people to risk life and limb to flee it. Without America the Free, where else is there to flee to? 

IMAGE: Kenosha in flames. YouTube screengrab.